WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony

WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony

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WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony

Time 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm (GMT+00:00)
Multiple Dates

Rectory house, The rectory, 1 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ, United Kingdom, Wolverhampton

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GBP 111 - 222
WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony  | Event in Wolverhampton | AllEvents.in WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony

✨ Root into your Inner Magic ✨

Join us for an unforgettable heart & mind - opening experience!!


Experience new levels of:

  • Emotional Release
  • Inner Peace
  • Mental Clarity

Our Psychic Cacao Ceremony is designed to elevate your senses and connect you with the deepest layers of your intuition.


What to Expect:

🍫 Sacred Cacao --

Enjoy a warm cup of pure ceremonial-grade cacao known for its heart-opening properties and profound spiritual benefits from the Ashaninka tribe of Peru.

🧚‍♀️ Psychic Guidance --

Tap into your inner wisdom with Pixie a Psychic Coach who will be guiding you throughout the evening.

🌀 Meditative Journey --

Immerse yourself in an Icaros-guided meditation. "Magic songs" that will enhance your intuitive abilities and deepen your connection to the universe.

🩵 Deeper Connection --

Experience this transformative soul activation on your own or with a close friend/family member.


You Can Expect:

  • Emotional & energy release (even of "unknown" subconscious causes)
  • Physical relief (of headaches tensions pains aches etc.)
  • Spiritual awakenings (Increased intuitive abilities more joy & mental freedom in daily life)


Here's What Previous Attendees Have Shared:

❤️‍ "It left me feeling exhilarated I slept well and the feeling of having lots of energy has stayed with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the safe space to open up a side of myself I am very shy to share. I came without expectation so was open to whatever happened. I enjoyed the meditation the openness it created in me & the way the universe decided to speak to me that evening. Since then I have been carrying a pleasant light with me & feel quite in tune to things around me. I am keenly aware of how the message shared was that I need to be less guarded & be more open to others."

❤️‍ "The ceremony didn’t disappoint. I saw things that I could never imagine. Everything was visible to me as if I was watching a movie at the cinemas. I felt extremely blessed after the ceremony as if my questions where clearly answered. And I still feel very happy and excited now. My biggest shift would be crying tears of laughter. I feel like I can relive every moment of the ceremony as I can still see everything so clearly. Super excited for the next chapter"

❤️‍ "During the ceremony I felt as if I was able to open myself up and allow emotions to surface such as regret of not having yet travelled to see my uncle how much joy he has brought me whenever I would visit. It felt like a huge release allowing tears to flow. Afterwards I felt less tension in my shoulders and back and more open to connecting with other people."

❤️‍ "Since the ceremony I’ve felt more emotions come up stemming from childhood such as not having received much attention and feeling unseen but instead of closing myself up I was able to sit with them to understand them and feel what they wanted to show me."


📞 To book Private cacao ceremonies with

2+ people: Message https://www.instagram.com/pixienelan

Refund Policy

Non-refundable. You will receive a Ceremony Checklist (via Email) once your event registration has been approved by Pixie.


Tickets for WOLVERHAMPTON Private Psychic Cacao Ceremony can be booked here.

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Date & Time

06:00 pm to 08:00 pm (GMT+00:00)
Multiple Dates


Rectory house, The rectory, 1 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ, United Kingdom, Wolverhampton

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