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Soul Immersion  Winter Solstice CacaoBreathworkSound Healing Ceremonial

Soul Immersion – Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial

Sat Jun 24, 2023

Soul Immersion – Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial

Time Sat Jun 24 2023 at 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

42 Watson St, 42 Watson Street, Wodonga, Australia

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AUD 85
Soul Immersion – Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial, 24 June | Event in Wodonga | Soul Immersion – Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial
Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Journey

About this Event

Soul Immersion – A Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial Event

The Winter Solstice foretells an auspicious event: it celebrates the birth of the new solar year and the beginning of winter. It acknowledges that, from this day, the days will again increase in length and growth of new life will be assured. In the coming months, the seeds sown will break through the darkened earth and draw energy from the life-sustaining rays of the Sun.

The ancient and globally celebrated rites attending the Winter Solstice symbolise the innate creative powers of nature that lie just below the surface at this time of year.

The Winter Solstice offers a wonderful opportunity to come together with friends or spend time alone and take a moment to refocus; to put dreams into place for spring; to contemplate the seeds we plant within our heart and the blessed Earth; and to reflect on and be grateful for all that has come to pass. While winter has a profound effect on the world outside, the inner human journey similarly quietens and slows as the energy of the season supports introspection.

I invite you to join me to ready yourself and plant the seeds for the months ahead and ready yourself for a time of introspection. I invite you to partake in this Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing ceremony, clearing out the old and preparing yourself and sowing the seeds for the coming springtime.

Relax and unwind, as your mind, body and soul are immersed with a ceremonial Cacao Ceremony followed by a Breathwork/Sound Healing Journey to further relax and help you to receive, heal, soften, activate and remember.

Pure Ceremonial Cacao is a magical and highly vibrational plant medicine. In sacred ceremony and as an accompaniment to Breathwork & Sound Healings, Cacao facilitates deep meditation and shamanic journeying to aid in the release of negative energy and blocks in the heart space.

It is a gentle heart expanding ceremony.

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful healing modality.

It is one of the quickest ways to get out of our mind’s way and reconnect with our self.

Shamanic Breathwork is a process of controlled and conscious breathing, used to awaken the inner self.

When you have control over your breathing, you can explore parts of your mind and body that would otherwise not be so easy to reach.

Sound Healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state which help bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

Sound Healing is one of the most gentle, proven ways to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, by using sound frequencies to relax your nervous system, your body can enter its natural state of healing.

Combining the beautiful heart opening effects of cacao weaving in vibrational plant essences (Bach/Aussie Bush Flower and other vibrational essences all intuitively picked for the group) following on from this will be a Breathwork session and then weaving in the healing effects of sound with a variety of beautiful instruments such as the Gong, Rav Drum, Crystal & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute, and more.

I invite you on a journey within opening yourself up and clearing out the old to welcome in the new. Also inviting you to prepare for a time of deep introspection over the winter months and planting the seeds for the coming spring.

What to expect -

Ceremonial Smudging & clearing to start off, Intention setting on paper which will be burnt followed by a Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork/Sound Healing Journey

Date/Time -

June 24th


4hr session

( please arrive 15-20 mins prior to session to settle in)

Cost -


Venue -

Watson St Community Hall

42 Watson St

Wodonga, Victoria


The hall itself is across the road from 42 Watson st, I use this number as a reference point

Please note parking is on the st as parking is not allowed in the carpark at the centre.

Also please note that the hall itself is situated off the rd and not overly visible from the rd its tucked away up the back of the parking lot. It is on the right-hand side of the st if coming off Lawrence st

Please note a ticket must be brought for this session via Eventbrite unless organised directly with Ashley

What you need to bring -


Comfortable clothes & Water

You will also need mats, bolsters or pillows, blankets and anything else you need to feel comfortable on the day

Eye covers will be supplied on the day


Serious heart conditions. The theobromine in cacao increases heart rate significantly and is a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure. If you have such a condition, consider consulting a physician

Pregnancy and or Breast Feeding

MAOI based anti-depressants are contraindicated with the tyramine in chocolate

Breathwork is not suitable for

Pregnancy (at any stage)

Taking any Medic*tion that alters brain chemistry like anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, ADD, OCD medications, etc.

Prescription blood thinners or anti-clotting medications

Detached Retina


Kidney disease

High Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular disease, including angina, previous heart attack, or any other cardiovascular issues

Strokes or TIAs

Seizures, history of seizures or other brain/neurological condition or disease

Diagnosis of aneurysm (of any kind)


Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition

Severe psychosomatic disorders

Recent surgery, stitches or injury

Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve deep physical and/or emotional release

If under any of the above contraindications please contact Ashley to discuss before buying a ticket

Email: cGlsY29iajEyIHwgaG90bWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==

Refund Policy -

No refunds, ticket can be transferred to another event


Ashley Medicine Bear –

He is a Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Qualified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator - Trained by Venus Rising Association of Transformation, Ordained Minister through Venus Rising Association of Transformation, Sound Healer, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator (trained by Kin of the Fiain Danu - Renee McCready )

Remedial Massage Therapist & Bowen Therapist

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Tickets for Soul Immersion – Winter Solstice Cacao/Breathwork/Sound Healing Ceremonial can be booked here.

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Ashley Medicine Bear
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Date & Time

Sat Jun 24 2023 at 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm


42 Watson St, 42 Watson Street, Wodonga, Australia

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