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Eröffnung: Opacity by flatness


Eröffnung: Opacity by flatness

Artists Screening
Flatness: Opacity

Eröffnungs-Screening der wöchentlichen Reihe Opacity mit einer kurzen Einführung. Zwei der vier Filme feiern ihre Deutschlandpremiere.

"It is not necessary to try to become the other (to become other) nor to 'make' him in my image." Édouard Glissant from 'Poetics of Relation'

Which images do we see through and which carry weight? This selection of artists' moving image works explore a new materiality of digital imagery which interplays between affective and effective registers. Here, such non-representational forms, both undermining and enhancing the truth of the image, include: the breath and touch, fear, duration, refusal, movement and excitement.

Shama Khanna is a curator, educator and writer based in London where she curates Flatness, a multi-format event and website project originating as the thematic programme at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2013 entitled 'Flatness: Cinema after the Internet'.

Αττική (Attica) by Sophie Michael
HD video, United Kingdom, 2013
14 minutes, Colour, Sound

Αττική (Attica) derives from a 16mm film installation by Sophie Michael. The piece opens with a close-up of 8th Century BC Geometric pots spinning on a wheel to the sound of a 1973 greek ‘laiki’ record. As the crackling record turns, the close up patterns painted on the surface of vases animate the frame in multiple directions. Loose black lines run vertically, like paint on the surface of the film strip made centuries later. Waves of ancient red ink behave like an ornamental soundtrack that has strayed into the 16mm image. The double exposed footage twice tints the artefacts with bright colours and weaves moiré effects over the pale Attica clay. Scratches in the record, cracks in the objects and splices between rolls of film produce glitches in the visual music sequence and mark the points where these superseded materials have been crudely and anachronistically glued together.

B-ROLL with Andre by James N. Kienitz Wilkins
HD video, United States, 2015
18 minutes 30 seconds, HD, colour, stereo

Andre, the protagonist, could be so many things – a brilliant crook, philosopher or film director. But, above all, a film director – however, he has disappeared, and his cell mates are only able to narrate his film, creating its “making-of”, almost by chance, as a detective story. The B-Roll with Andre evolves, albeit without Andre.

Index by Duncan Marquiss
DV, UK, 2015
6 minutes 30 seconds, colour, stereo

The work began with an analogy between distressed denim and 'honest signals' – a biological term for traits in an animal that are costly to produce and as such are indicators, or an index, of an animal's health. These signals are often impractical ornaments that advertise 'good genes' to potential mates. Similarly, distressed denim is not valued for its protective utility but for its cultural currency. Pre-worn denim may be an honest sign of the economic conditions of a society that can afford to fetishize and manufacture distressed garments. The video features footage of Jay feathers intercut with denim shot under UV light. (Jays see colours in the UV spectrum and the brilliance of the blue feathers is an indicator of a bird's health). Feathers are repeatedly held up before the camera and laid upon each other in an attempt to create interference patterns between the regimented barbs, conflating natural patterning with the weave of the denim twill. This optical and metaphorical moiré is mirrored by the soundtrack of multiple voices and signals drifting out of synch.

Shrugging Offing by Lucy Clout
HD video, United Kingdom, 2013
10 minutes 39 seconds, HD, colour, 16:9, stereo

The popularity of spot squeezing videos. The comforting effects of another’s body achieved without the necessity of a physical presence. Sexting and mothering. Digital space that produces effects in the physical body: arousal, repulsion and sleep. Little deaths. Proxies for one’s own corpse (via green-screen in this case). Flatness and volume. A screaming desire to have your body addressed. Breaking the surface (emotionally and figuratively). POV camera work in pornography and ASMR. ’Shrugs’ and ‘cover-ups’ – opaque clothing designed to blur the surface of the aging woman. Offing as in killing. The performance of desire and the performance of satiation.

Eröffnung am 14. Mai um 18 Uhr
Dann jeden Samstag um 19 Uhr

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