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Watching Glory Die


Watching Glory Die

Judith Thompson’s riveting and exquisite portrayal of three women trapped in a broken Pr*son system will leave you dumbfounded.The play is inspired by the shocking and true story of teenager, Ashley Smith, who - after five years of being misdiagnosed, and mistreated, hallucinating away in ‘therapeutic quiet’ - died by suicide in her Pr*son cell because the guards were ordered not to interfere.

"Ashley is an outlier, like every artist. Ashley simply could not be a "good girl." She could not shut up and do what she was told. She was wild, and reckless, and if she had been a boy, she would have been admired. The artist's job is to throw those crab apples, to unsettle and startle conforming folks, to question everything. That is what Ashley was doing, in her way, and she paid with her life. Hers was not a suicide. It was a homicide. It was, in fact, ruled a homicide in civil court. Who was punished for her death? Only the guards, who were doing their jobs, afraid to jeopardize their pensions. Those who gave the orders were promoted. I am as interested in the guard, who I call Gail, and Ashley's mother Coralee, who I call Rosellen, as I am in Ashley. Three women, all ensnared in patriarchal fascism.” - Judith Thompson 

Watching Glory Die takes a bold dramatic leap [...] to forge the kind of visceral lyricism that is the hallmark of Judith Thompson at her most powerful. - Canadian Stage

Tickets for our Opening Night performance and Gala can be purchased for $100 by contacting Kelly Daniels at d2F0Y2hpbmdnbG9yeWRpZSB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

Reccommended for ages 12+ with mature subject mature and course language

Map The Hatch Studio Theatre located in the Jackman Dramatic Art Centre, Patricia Road and Wyandotte Street West, Windsor, Canada
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