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Grow your business and meet like minded people at some of the biggest business and networking events in Wichita. Managing a big firm or planning to build a startup, there are all the kinds of business events that suit your preferences. Be a part of huge summits, startup events or a relatively casual business luncheon and find the right platform to engage with such business events in Wichita. Explore from the extensive business events near you; for business growth, for networking, for finding answers or just simply for personal growth.

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Upcoming Business Events in Wichita

Date Event Venue
21 Jun 2024 Elsewhere Fest & Conference Downtown Wichita
24 Jul 2024 Reserve Your Spot for Just Add Arts Symposium 2024 Rhatigan Student Center, Wichita
17 Jul 2024 Epic Educators 2024 Alvin Morris Administration Center (AMAC), Wichita
26 Jun 2024 Sorting Facts from Fiction Media Literacy Panel Discussion Badass Women of Wichita Flying Pig Improv Wichita
21 Jun 2024 Access 2013 Expert1 Day Workshop in Wichita KS on June 21st 2024 For venue details reach us at info@academyforpros.com, PH: +1 469 666 9332, Wichita
23 Jun 2024 Inspirational Missions Gathering 3701 E 13th St N, Wichita
05 Jul 2024 2024 SELF ADVOCATE COALITION OF KANSAS CONFERENCE Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview Wichita
16 Jul 2024 Kingdom Summit 2024 - Realign and Regain 1156 N Oliver St, Wichita
21 Jun 2024 Manager Management 1 Day Workshop in Wichita KS on Jun 21st 2024 For venue details reach us at info@mangates.com, PH: +1 469 666 9332, Wichita
13 Jul 2024 Ecoprint at Convergence in Kansas Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center, Wichita

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In Wichita

Learn how to grow your business or find the top business events in Wichita that help you build your own startup.
List of business venues in Wichita for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • Regus Business Center
  • TruVs
  • Business Centre/Hotel
  • Business Hotel / Regus Business Centre
  • 6S Steakhouse
  • Aloft Wichita
  • WSU Tech
  • WSU Experiential Engineering Building
  • Business Centre /Meeting Room
  • Business Hotel
  • ExecuTrain of Wichita
  • River City Brewing Company
  • ABODE Venue
  • Professional Home Buyers
  • First United Methodist Church, Wichita, KS
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