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Group Breathwork Journeys in Whitby

Group Breathwork Journeys in Whitby

Group Breathwork Journeys in Whitby

Time Tue Sep 26 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm

Modo Yoga Brooklin, 31 Baldwin Street, Whitby, Canada

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CAD 40

Group Breathwork Journeys in Whitby | Event in Whitby | About the event Group Breathwork Journeys in Whitby
Go on a deep inner journey with the breath, access an altered state of consciousness, heal, and let go of what no longer serves you.

About this Event

In this 60-minute breathwork journey you will access a heightened state of consciousness as well as the subconscious, and open the door for deep healing and major transformation with just your breath! Many breathers say their one session was more beneficial than plant medicine or ongoing talk therapy.


Breathwork is such a gift - it allows even the most active of minds to shift to an extremely deep, meditative state - a state that can take many people years or even decades of meditation to achieve. The trance-like hyper-conscious state is hard to explain; it's a truly incredible state of mind that you need to experience to understand.

Some Commonly Reported Benefits that May Occur:
  • The release of stuck emotions that are stored in our body and cause dis-ease (somatic healing)
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Transcendental experiences which instantly transform the way one experiences life (this is reported in about 10% of breathers)
  • An opening of the heart
  • More self-love
  • Meetings with deceased loved ones or the divine
  • Inner child healing
  • Finding forgiveness of self and others
  • Breakthrough insights
  • Healing and letting go of painful relationships
  • More confidence, inner peace, and a higher happiness set-point


We will meet for 90 minutes to allow time to explain what is going to happen, integrate, and share afterward. The Breathwork journey itself will be done lying down for 60 minutes, with eyes closed and music to guide you. This is very different from pranayama and yogic breathing. Expect an inner journey and a different, yet uniquely healing experience every time you come :)


In this session, you will be safely guided and lovingly held by globally certified Breathwork facilitator and facilitator teacher Megan Ashton. Megan has not only undertaken two 400-hour breathwork trainings, she also has 5 years of hands-on experience facilitating breathwork online and in person, and is a certified reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, and hypnotherapest. She infuses all of these learnings into her faciliation.

To find out more about Unity Breathwork, read research-based breathwork articles, and read more testimonials visit:



"I had no expectations when I first sat in on one of Megans classes, I was maybe even a little skeptical. Megan instantly made me feel comfortable, relaxed and that I belonged there.

What I have found through Megans breathwork classes is honestly a revelation, and completely unexpected. Megan is the ideal breathwork facilitator, she is gentle but condident, and very grounded and authentic, which really resonates with me and I believe is what allowed me to be my real self and go on incredible and different journeys in each session.

Whether you have or have not tried breathwork before I urge you to join one of Megans classes, they really are life changing". - Anthony

"Hi Megan, I was breathing with you today and I just need to tell you that it was one of the best experiences in my life! My dad and dog past away recently and I have been going to a therapist for some time. I am feeling better now but what I felt today and everything that I could take out from it is priceless. I couldn’t see my dad in my dreams nor feel his presence but today I did and you don’t know how much that means to me. So I just want to let you know that you are good at what you are doing. Thanks for your healing and amazing energy. I will be there next Saturday ❤️After all that crying I was in heaven, love to you!" - NuriA

"It was one of the most profound and transformative experiences I have ever had. Realizing how powerful our breath is and powerful we are was incredible. I experienced a feeling of release, letting go, a feeling of oneness, and togetherness. Sharing this experience with a very dear friend was wonderful." - Rudy

"Thank you Megan for ALL that you share, bring, offer to us here and everywhere you go!! You are incredible ??" - Mel

"Megan was so calm, and inspirational and her voice was so soothing! I felt like she knew exactly when to get closer to reassure me and when to let me guide myself. Her presence was inspiring and reassuring and I felt so much Love" - Leanne

"It continued to work for days afterwards. Making my mind feel less cluttered and more clear. More able to focus. It's a great way to deepen other practices as well - yoga, meditation etc. You also converted my highly skeptical husband. He loved it as much as I did and is now preaching about Breathwork and how everyone can benefit from it - Thank you!" - Shelly

"I felt so supported by Megan. She made me feel safe at a time when I was very vulnerable. I really loved the music she chose as well - it really helped me to pace my breath and it guided my journey allowing me to let go and go deeper." - Maeg

"It was my first time trying breathwork and I had never heard of it until a friend who Breathed with Megan was going on about it after and told me I had to go. So I went not knowing what to expect and feeling a bit skeptical. But I really loved it and have sense been back 5 times! Each time I go to breath I feel like I peel off another layer of the onion and I become lighter and happier. Things roll off my shoulder and I find I have a lot more patience and gratitude in my day to day life. I also receive so many important insights during the breathwork and am sometimes blessed with beautiful visions and feeling of euphoria. Breathwork is amazing, and I'm so grateful for Megan, she has helped me a lot!" - Jennifer

"I am amazed at what a strong tool this type of breathwork is - it is completely transformative! In my first session I got the feeling that love was in every cell of my body. Megan was great and her presence was very supportive. Thank you Megan!!!" - Sandra

"Megan has a true gift and is a very genuine and special light. I feel blessed to have been able to experience her session!" - Rachel

"I am a big supporter of plant medicine and tried breathing with Megan for my first time not really expecting much. I am absolutely amazed at how powerful the breath can be. I love that it is something that is inside us all just waiting to heal us. In my first session I released all kinds of stored physical trauma that I have been holding onto for far to long. I am really looking forward to trying it again next time I'm back in town." - Mel

"I am recently separated from my wife and going through a tough time at the the moment. Megan's breathwork sessions helped bring a lot of clarity my way, and I felt like I was able to let go a lot of pent up emotions. As a man, we don't have many safe spaces to cry, but the Breathwork creates such a sacred healing space to really feel the feelings so that they can move through you. I felt safe crying during the breathwork and left feeling so much lighter and happier. I also felt more clear-headed and more ready to take on the challenges ahead of me." - Chris

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Tue Sep 26 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm


Modo Yoga Brooklin, 31 Baldwin Street, Whitby, Canada