Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop in Westminster CO

Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop in Westminster, CO

Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop in Westminster, CO

Thu Jul 04 2024 at 09:00 am to Wed Dec 11 2024 at 05:00 pm

Westminster, United States

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Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop in Westminster, CO | Event in Westminster | AllEvents.in About the event Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop in Westminster, CO
Join us for a jam-packed day of learning and practicing essential leadership skills in Westminster, CO to level up your game!

About this Event

Leadership Excellence 2 Days Workshop

Come join us for an exciting 2 days workshop in your city to enhance your leadership skills! Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, this workshop is designed to help you develop the essential skills needed to lead effectively. Learn from industry experts, participate in interactive sessions, and network with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to take your leadership abilities to the next level!

Course Overview :

Language: English

Credits: 16

Course delivery: Classroom (Food and beverages included)

Course Overview:

The best leaders possess the ability to share their vision with passion and commitment, inspiring their teams to embrace challenges and achieve remarkable results. This two-day, activity-based training program is designed to empower leaders to bring out the best in themselves and others. By exploring the most critical success factors of strong leadership, participants will learn how to unite, motivate, energize, and inspire their teams to reach their full potential and accomplish extraordinary things.

Target Audience:

This course is ideal for all people managers and anyone in a leadership position looking to enhance their leadership skills.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a true leader.
  • Clearly distinguish between the role of a manager and the role of a leader.
  • List the three main essential roles of a leader.
  • Understand what motivates people and explain the "4motive" motivational model.
  • Identify what employees seek from a leader.
  • Understand different perspectives and what defines a true leader.
  • Determine their preferred leadership style.
  • Balance team, task, and individual functions.
  • Recognize what it takes to role model strong leadership.
  • List the critical success factors for effective leadership.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Course Materials:

Participants will receive a course manual with presentation slides and reference materials.

Technical Requirements:

For eBooks:

  • Internet access for downloading the eBook.
  • Laptop, tablet, smartphone, or eReader (excluding Kindle).
  • Adobe DRM-supported software (e.g., Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader).
  • eBook download and activation instructions.


Module One: What Leaders Do

  • Understanding your role as a leader.
  • Management vs. Leadership.
  • The three essential roles of a leader.
  • People's motivation.

Module Two: What Leaders Know

  • What employees want from their leader.
  • Catching employees doing something right.
  • Defining leadership.
  • Leadership and perspectives.

Module Three: What Are Leaders Like?

  • Discovering your leadership style.
  • Balancing team, task, and individual functions.
  • Role modeling strong leadership.
  • Leadership critical success factors.


Upon completing the training, participants will receive a course completion certificate from Mangates.

Who Can Attend?

This course is designed for:

  • People Managers: Those responsible for leading and managing teams in any capacity.
  • Aspiring Leaders: Individuals looking to develop their leadership skills and step into leadership roles.
  • Current Leaders: Managers and leaders who want to enhance their leadership capabilities and effectiveness.
  • Team Leaders: Those leading project teams or functional groups within an organization.
  • Supervisors: Individuals overseeing the work of others and aiming to improve their leadership skills.
  • Executives: Senior leaders and executives who wish to refine their leadership strategies and approaches.
  • HR Professionals: Human Resource professionals involved in leadership development and training initiatives.

No prior leadership experience is required, making this course suitable for anyone in a leadership position or aspiring to become a leader.

How On-Site Leadership Skills Training Benefits Your Organization:

  • Improved Employee Engagement:

Enhanced leadership skills lead to better communication and stronger relationships between leaders and employees, resulting in increased engagement and job satisfaction.

  • Increased Productivity:

Effective leaders can inspire and motivate their teams to perform at their best, leading to higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

  • Better Decision Making:

Leaders with improved skills are better equipped to make informed, strategic decisions that positively impact the organization's growth and success.

  • Enhanced Team Cohesion:

On-site training fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among team members, promoting a more cohesive and supportive work environment.

  • Reduction in Turnover:

Investing in leadership development shows employees that the organization values their growth, leading to higher retention rates and lower turnover costs.

  • Improved Organizational Culture:

Strong leadership helps cultivate a positive organizational culture where employees feel valued, respected, and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

  • Effective Change Management:

Trained leaders are better equipped to manage and implement changes within the organization, ensuring smooth transitions and minimizing disruptions.

  • Stronger Talent Pipeline:

Developing leadership skills within the organization ensures a steady pipeline of capable leaders ready to step into key roles as the organization grows.

  • Increased Innovation:

Leaders who are skilled in fostering creativity and innovation can drive the organization toward new ideas and solutions, keeping it competitive in the market.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Effective leaders contribute to a positive work environment, which translates to better customer service and higher customer satisfaction levels.

  • Alignment with Organizational Goals:

On-site training ensures that leadership development aligns with the organization's specific goals and values, leading to more coherent and focused efforts toward achieving strategic objectives.

  • Immediate Application of Skills:

Leaders can immediately apply the skills and knowledge gained from the training to their current roles, ensuring quick implementation and benefits to the organization.

  • Customized Training Solutions:

On-site training allows for customization to address the unique challenges and opportunities within your organization, making the training more relevant and impactful.

  • Consistent Leadership Practices:

Training your leaders together ensures consistency in leadership practices and approaches across the organization, promoting a unified and coherent management style.

By opting for on-site leadership skills training, your organization can experience these benefits, leading to a more effective, motivated, and productive workforce.


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Date & Time

Thu Jul 04 2024 at 09:00 am to Wed Dec 11 2024 at 05:00 pm


Westminster, United States

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