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Wellness Leadership Revolution - Wellington NZ | October 7, 2019


Wellness Leadership Revolution - Wellington NZ | October 7, 2019


The Wellness Leadership Revolution is a 1-day event where we show you how to create a Wellness Leadership business that allows you to dramatically increase your income, results and lifestyle freedom enabling you to ultimately work from anywhere around the globe.

The first step toward building a wellness leadership business that allows you to make a big impact and enjoy the time and
financial freedom you dream about, is to leverage your best resource: your wisdom.


• Discover which wellness niches are financially viable right now, and how to capitalise on them as a wellness leader.

• Hard-wire your brain and body to reach the heights of success that you know are possible.

• Communicate your message clearly, so you'll never be worried about what to say or how to say it.

• Reach your goals in just 12 months using our 7 signature systems.

And you will also learn how to design all the components of your wellness leadership business and take advantage of the new paradigm of "empowered" healing. We’ll be giving you 7 of our signature systems:

1. The Message MatrixTM
Prepare for any interview … on the couch, during a telesummit, at a live event, at a networking event, on Skype, or on radio or TV.

2. How to Seed A RainforestTM
Discover our world-first process for extracting your deepest wisdom, packaging it up and launching it for commercial viability.

3. The Wellness Journey FormulaTM
Package your genius by formulating your very own online signature program framework, so you can earn up to 5 times your regular income and earn money while you sleep.

4. The Content Marketing GameplanTM
Sequence your online launch timeline so you know what content to create and when, for maximum impact and profit from your launches.

5. The Funky Freebie BuilderTM
Attract hundreds, or even thousands, of potential clients with whom to engage, by creating an irresistible "wellness leadmagnet" so you can grow your mailing list exponentially.

6. The Event Profit SystemTM
Maximise your impact and minimise your own time investment by launching your very
own live event.

7. The Method TreeTM
Multiply your income streams by delivering your message via coaching, speaking, authoring, and online marketing, pivoting out of a time-for-money scenario. How to attract your tribe, package your genius, work from anywhere and become a globally conscious social entrepreneur.


With over 50 years combined experience in the wellness industry, the training team at Wellness Leadership Academy have all been successful Wellness Leaders, Clinic Managers, Training Program Originators and successful Online Wellness Business Owners.

After collectively working with over 20,000 people globally we’re considered “the” experts on Wellness Leadership and Integral Empowered Marketing for the wellness space.

We've trained over 1,000 wellness leaders worldwide at our LIVE 1 day event, and now, we'd like to invite you to join the Revolution.


Q: My business is struggling to scale. How can I justify this investment?
A: If your business is struggling, it’s partly due to the fact that you weren’t taught effective wellness marketing strategies during your study. By investing the financial equivalent of just
one hour of your time in practice, you will receive the exact strategies that are working, right now.

Q: I'm not sure I can take time away from my business and my regular life to attend a live event. How can I justify the time away?
A: If you feel like you don't have time to take a weekend away, then you really need this event. Consider this an investment of your time that is sure to pay off by providing you with strategies
to re-claim your time & your dream lifestyle!

Q: How is this event different from other business-building events?
A: First of all, it's very specific to the wellness industry, and helping you become a leader in that industry. We understand that you don't want to be sold to, and that you don’t want to sell to others. We have formulated our trainings to come from the heart, with authenticity at our core – just as it's at yours. This is also a 100% PITCH FREE EVENT, so you can rest assured that you will only receive cutting edge training with no pitching or selling from stage whatsoever.

Q: I've taken lots of business trainings – how can I be sure I'll learn something new at yours?
A: We show you how to create your own signature intellectual property specific to the wellness industry. As far as we know, no one else on the planet is doing this right now for wellness
leaders. We don't teach normal business strategies. We teach leadership and empowering marketing strategies specific to the wellness industry, so you can have 100% conviction and
confidence in your message – and so your message reaches your local and global tribe.

Q: I've already worked with coaches like you. How are you unique?
A: We are not coaches. We are mentors and trainers. A mentor is someone who has walked the exact same path you're walking now and achieved a high level of success. A coach, on the other hand, does not have to have achieved results in your field or industry. This lack of sensitive wellness industry specific knowledge is perhaps one of the most common reasons most people have not achieved the results they desire.

Q: I've never heard of you. How can I be sure you know what you're talking about?
A: Each of us has a proven track record in building very successful wellness businesses, separately. Together, we have achieved the highest level of success in the wellness industry.
We have built multiple 6 figure and 7 figure companies that account for us being within the top 1% of successful wellness leaders globally.

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