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How to build resilience in your patients and get better outcomes


How to build resilience in your patients and get better outcomes

Resilience is the ability to navigate and recover from challenges quickly and effectively. 

Our patients come to see us needing help recovering from and adjusting to Injury, Illness, or Impairment. As clinicians we will often be dealing with people at times of their lives when their resilience is most sorely tested. If they lack resilience it significantly reduces their capacity to adhere to our treatment and get better.

If we do our job well, we have the opportunity to build resilience in our patients and assist them back to health successfully. 

Resilience is not a fixed trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone. If we can help increase our patient’s resilience, it leads to numerous benefits, and not just for them.

Empowering Hope, Creating Safety, Building Motivation, Supporting Implementation, Reducing Overwhelm, and Deploying Empathy in a clinical setting increases resilience in our patients. This workshop will teach you how to apply these in your practice.

Prepare to be challenged and have fun

Grow your knowledge and see a range of benefits as your patients become more resilient.

Clinical Benefits

Improved patient outcomes

Improved adherence to rehabilitation plans

Higher proportion of patient goals achieved

Reduced impact of psychosocial factors on recovery

Reduced re-injury rate

Business benefits

Increased follow up rate for patient appointments

Decreased cancellation and DNA rates

Improved business reputation

Increased staff competence and lower turnover

Therapist Benefits

Reduced therapist stress levels

Higher levels of therapist satisfaction

Increased reputation of therapist

Improved sense of self-worth


Full day 9am to 4pm (lunch provided)

Learning points

Understand of the concept of resilience

Understand the factors that contribute to  resilience in the rehabilitation setting

Understand how to progressively train resilience in your patients

Learn how to empower the patient to continue to increase their resilience and lower re-injury rates

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Standard ticket NZD 300

Map Room C07 UNiversity of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand
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