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Discover your ROAD MAP for a better life - Wellington


Discover your ROAD MAP for a better life - Wellington

Hey you, yes you! are totally unique...and you know you're here to make a difference, to contribute…right? To have the life and success you deserve, and live your life your way!

So why is it so hard to find your path, your way forward?

Maybe its because you are not walking on your correct Pathway, or you have drifted away from what works for you. We know that situation, we have been there ourselves, until we found the 7 Pathways.

Boy, oh boy, has our life changed. We see each other, friends and even our business through the Pathways and the results are amazing. Imagine knowing which of the Pathways below will link and build on your natural seasons and cycles.

Connection - Passion - Clarity - Heart - Expression - Vision - Trust..

Have you ever felt:
Lost and confused?
People don’t get you?
Weird? Somehow different?
You are not on the same page as everyone else?

This happens when you are off track, walking in chaos and the wilderness of life. You are unique, and you have your own unique way of walking within the have to walk on the correct pathway for you.

Finding and becoming aligned with your personal, unique pathway will transform your life, relationships and more. We will help you discover your Pathway and how to use your natural gifts to bring actual change into your life and get better results for less efforts.
We will then show you, your personal Pathway Roadmap. One that explains your world, and how to live naturally aligned with your seasons and cycles.

In just ONE DAY! Sounds too good to be true? Check these out!

” I thought everyone at work was just lazy, now I understand why I need to move about all the time” Robin - Wellington.

” Understanding my and my partners pathway has completely changed how we talk with each other. We now laugh about our differences rather than argue about them” Mark - Auckland.

“ Finally the expression “the 7 year itch” makes sense. I didn't realise there are seasons and cycles in every aspect of my life, now that I do, watch out!“ Rebecca - Hamilton.

With a little help from The 7 Pathways and your personal Pathways Roadmap, you too can discover your unique pathway, stay true to your unique self, and bring your dreams alive!

We will help you discover
Your natural Pathway to a fulfilling life, career, relationships, and money.
Your unique gifts, and WHY others don’t get you!
How to understand others and connect deeply and easily!
How to use your passion to create the experiences you desire!
How to stay true and focused on what’s important to you, not others!
How your unique expression and contribution will make a difference!
How to trust your heart, and create a better life for yourself and others!
How to live your life courageously while celebrating everyone else!
Your personal Pathways Roadmap highlighting your way to a better life!

Join us, Keith and Josephine (AKA The Purple Guys) as we take you deep into discovering your personal Pathway, and your unique way forward. Allow us to help you awaken your true purpose, find your core pathway, live in alignment and flow within the world, exactly as you see and desire it.

As you walk your pathways you will naturally support others to walk in theirs, and thus contribute to the world by becoming an example of courageous heart centred leadership.
Grab your ticket above ...access your unique pathway and align with your Pathways Roadmap for a better, more flowing, heart felt and powerful life today.

Wake up tomorrow, confident and clear, celebrating that the world will finally make sense to you and that your life will have a deeper purpose and meaning.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Josephine and Keith
(AKA The Purple Guys)

Map Mecure Abel Tasman Wellington, 169 Willis St Central, Wellington, New Zealand 6011, Wellington, New Zealand
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