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IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY BY UP TO 500% !!! - Improve your income! cash flow!


IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY BY UP TO 500% !!! - Improve your income! cash flow!

About Workshop

Whether you need help remembering names, lists, key business information, or entire presentations, this course will give you the edge you are looking for.

The Auto Memory Institute training workshop is a course that expands your ability to recall information by teaching you the natural language of your memory. Over the course of this comprehensive seven-hour training, students and professionals alike will be astonished by the depth of content covered and will walk away from this experience markedly improved from when they arrived.

In this seven-hour split into 2 day workshop, there are several guarantees:

-Experience a 300 percent increase in your ability to recall information.

-Remember a list of 50 unrelated items forward, backward and in and out of order.

-Develop the ability to deliver presentations without notes.

-You'll meet 20 new people and remember all of their names within an hour.

-You'll leave with a great system and the resources needed to support your new skills outside of the classroom.

Our memory trainers are consistently rated at the top of the industry in delivering this content. They will show you how to increase your memory skills as you learn valuable techniques to remember names, lists, presentations, key client information, foreign, vocabulary, and meetings and much more. The possibilities abound!

This memory training course is ideal for business professionals seeking to gain an unfair advantage over the competition and for students looking for that extra edge in the classroom.

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improve-your-memory-by-up-to-500-improve-your-income-cash-flow-love-life-real-estate-ami-tickets-38884067292

Program Agenda

Memory Training Workshop Overview 

DAY 1: Foundation

Beginning with a baseline evaluation, you will be introduced to your "first generation" of memory techniques and within a very short period of time (about 20 minutes into the workshop), students improve their average score by over 300 percent.

Next, you'll be exposed to your "second generation" technique, Chain of Visualization, and shortly after you'll dive into the heart and soul of your memory training, the Mental File Folder System. Each of these techniques will immediately be put to use in simple and practical ways that are sure to impress.

Unbelievably, by the end of the first day you'll have gained a strong foundation and should be well on your way to having instant recall of nearly any information that you need.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to apply these techniques to improve your time management, deliver speeches and presentations, take tests more effectively and boost your confidence.

DAY 2 : Application and Personalization

Day two applies the skills learned from day one, and it's all about making Memory Training part of your day-to-day experience.

The process begins with learning how to remember any kind of abstract information. Names, answers to objections, material for tests in school and many more pertinent topics will be covered.

After creating your personal Mental File Folder system, you'll be astonished with your ability to recall information faster than you can write it down.

The second half of day two focuses specifically on how to remember people’s names, both short-term and long-term. By learning the exclusive six-step process taught at the workshop, you will develop the ability to meet at least 20 new people and within an hour remember all of their names.

You will come away with a great system and the resources needed to support your new skills outside of the classroom. It is an amazing experience!


1. Donald W.Barrett

As a 40-year-old Massachusetts native, Donald Barrett is one of the worlds leading experts in direct response marketing. He is also a well known memory expert and motivational speaker.

In the early 2000’s, starting from nothing, Donald Barrett built one of the most dynamic and successful Direct Marketing Sales organizations in history. During that time, he soared to the highest financial heights, earning millions of dollars a year, a feat that coined him the name “Infomercial King”.

As the owner of ITV DIRECT, Barrett employed over 1000 people and generated over 3 billion dollars in worldwide sales. He has personally conducted hundreds of TV and Radio talk shows.

As with many successful entrepreneurs he ran into some complications with the FTC, which ultimately resulted in the closing of ITV. Learning valuable lessons from the mistakes he made, he has re-emerged as a highly sought after marketing consultant and memory trainer.

In he past few years he has been consulting with Sales Organization and teaching them the secrets and benefits to developing an “instant recall memory”.

His workshops are held in the Boston area and attract people from all over the world. Using his signature direct, humorous and unique style, Barrett will show you a simple, easy and systematic way to put more money in your pocket. As he would say, "MEMORY POWER IS MONEY POWER?"

Most Sales organizations invest in various sales training programs for their employees. Many of them are fantastic including Grant Cardone (International Business and Sales Expert) and Joe Verde (President of Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc.). They teach powerful closing tactics, word tracks, and techniques on how to increase sales. The problem with some of these programs is soon after completing the training, it is difficult to recall the information instantly. Knowledge is power, but only if you can remember it when you need it. Upon completion of the Auto Memory program, your employees will have a unique advantage of recalling information on the spot, heightened confidence and increased sales.

2. Carl Messina

Carl Messina is regarded as one of America's leading experts in the field of memory development. He has shared with thousands of business professionals from all walks of life the techniques for developing an instant recall memory with results that can only be described as amazing!

Carl has worked with such well-known speakers as Zig Ziglar, Ed Forman, Vic Conant and Brian Tracy. He has trained executives from corporations including Xerox, 3-M, Texas Instruments, Aetna, Travelers and many more fortune 100 companies. Carl has also had a tremendous impact in educational settings, having personally trained students and teachers at all academic levels.

As a noted expert in this field, Carl is a sought-after guest and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows.

His presentation’s will alert people to new advances in memory technology as well as gaining insight into how these methods are in direct alignment with helping people achieve both business and personal goals. Lively discussion is enhanced with actual demonstrations to make you aware that "There is no such thing as a bad memory, only an untrained one."

Carl’s insight into developing communication skills has allowed him to integrate the memory techniques into numerous other programs such as sales, marketing and motivation. He brings to every program a customized solution with a sense of humor and his joy in serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.



Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/improve-your-memory-by-up-to-500-improve-your-income-cash-flow-love-life-real-estate-ami-tickets-38884067292

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