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We, as a People of good conscience, hereby demand OUR Constitutional Right to a Redress of Grievances to be heard by Congress. This ‘redress’ is a demand for action by Congress to right the wrongs done against us. This is OUR government and those are OUR seats they sit in! It’s time Congress represents US!

On Monday, September 9th, 2013, at 8am for elderly/handicap, and 10am for everyone else. We will March on DC, and surround Capitol Hill where Congress convenes. Congress is due back in session at 2pm on 9/9.

(Due to the HEAVY attack by trolls, we have been forced to limit posts severely. Please forgive us. Facebook doesn't give us the ability to remove trolls from event pages!!! We also made it so they can't see our guest lists, so Marcher's names are kept PRIVATE and are protected from facebook attacks.)

To prove Congress is serious about listening to us, we have drawn up a Calendar of Events:

9th Day 1, Monday: Demand OUR Right for a Redress of Grievances. A redress properly done INSIDE the Capitol Hill building, not just a protest out on the sidewalk. We will select our group leaders to go inside. Inside will be televised, and we expect our Congressmen of both Houses to be sitting in their seats LISTENING TO US WHEN WE HAVE THE FLOOR.

10th Day 2, Tuesday –The Senate and House each has a task to complete:
a. The House of Representatives must by the end of day vote to Impeach President Obama by a simple majority vote. President Obama has recklessly signed and enforced Unconstitutional laws, singled us out for political gain, spied upon us, and other crimes against the Constitution of the United States. President Obama has hereby advocated the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government per United States Code of Law, 5 U.S.C. 7311 and 18 U.S.C. 1918.
b. The Senate must by end of Day pass by a 3/4th vote for OUR Anti-Bribery Amendment (not a bill to be later forgotten) so neither politicians nor political parties will be paid or get campaign contributions to change our laws.
c. The Senate must pass by a 3/4th vote on OUR American Equality Amendment to insure ALL Politicians hereafter obey ALL our own laws without any retirements except towards current public programs open to all United States citizens.

11th Day 3, Wednesday:
a. The House must complete a 3/4th vote to pass OUR Anti-Bribery Amendment.
b. The House must complete a 3/4th vote to pass OUR American Equality Amendment.
c. The Senate must start Impeachment proceedings.

12th Day 4, Thursday:
a. Once these actions are done to our satisfaction by Congress, Congress will hear from each and every one of us, and address our complaints with the high regard and dignity due us. They will work through the weekend, and every day thereafter until we are all heard. If Congress had permitted us our Redress of Grievances, maybe then they wouldn’t need to hear so many of us!!!

We are absolutely tired of top tier people not taking responsibility for their duties. The President, the CEO's, and big banks all take NO responsibility for destroying our country, destroying our economy, and reaping the rewards.

If for any reason Congress refuses to COMPLETE these actions shown by Friday, it is our proof that Congress has no true intentions to work things out between us.

Since our politicians will NOT want to do these things we MUST go there in mass and demand it. That is YOUR JOB. –To come to DC and do what Congress will not. (If you cannot make it due to a job or health, then it is YOUR DUTY to send someone in your place and insure they arrive.) We CAN do it with BIG NUMBERS, which means we need YOU to be there for a common goal. Boots on the ground people!!!

We have been defamed, ridiculed, lied to, postponed, ignored, and every other sneaky game they could do. We have not managed to stop a bill, get a bill passed, shine light on our oppressors, or anything else. WE WILL MARCH ON DC. WE WILL GET THIS JOB DONE! If Congress can pass a thousand page bill in 2 weeks, they can get these SIMPLE things done. WE have the materials. WE'VE written everything up. WE MADE THIS SO SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS FOR THEM A KINDERGARTENER COULD DO IT.

*Organizers of groups are requested to be there at 10am on September 8th for a joint planning session at the Constitution Gardens. Look for the Powers of the People sign.

**This is an unarmed, peaceful protest. If anyone chooses to carry, please stay on the other side of the river, where it’s legal. If the government chooses to viciously attack us, we rely on you to get us out safely. Semper Fi. We will police ourselves in the meantime.

***If you are a police officer who's legal to carry inside DC, please wear your uniform and hold a sign saying you stand with us or something to that effect, so we are not alarmed. Otherwise, carrying a gun in your civies, you might be mistaken for one of us and create a dangerous situation for us. Thank you.

See you there!!! It's going to be AWESOME!

For those looking for rides, or offering rides, email dcmarchconnectflorida | gmail ! com and place rideshare in the heading. The subject should have your location and whether you can give a ride, or need a ride. We also are getting buses nationwide set up. Please bear with us.

PS There are many political operatives already pushing to divide us, politicize us, and defame us. PLEASE, THIS IS AN AMERICAN MARCH, FOR AN AMERICAN CAUSE, be careful of falling for the political operatives messages to stop this event!!! THEY WILL NOT STOP US. THEY WILL NOT MAKE US WAIVER.

AGAIN, to reiterate. To try and overthrow the govt in DC is stupidity. The militia is on the outskirts to show their support. We expect the American people to behave with the dignity we've achieved over the last few years. If we have any instigators among us, we will police ourselves. Please bring materials to make signs and we will follow trolls around, pointing out that they are NOT with US.

YES, WE ARE ANGRY. -But now is not the time to be violent in any way. We have a goal to accomplish and we must work together with everything we have to achieve it.

Everyone shall bring chairs, water, medical supplies, old fashioned cameras w/o memory cards, earplugs, and whatever else they feel is needed for an extended stay.

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