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Workshop Wochenende mit Hiro Landazuri - Oktober 2019


Workshop Wochenende mit Hiro Landazuri - Oktober 2019

Im Oktober haben wir einen ganz besondern Gast für Euch: Hiro Landazuri aus den USA unterrichtet ein abwechslungsreiches Yoga-Wochenende bei doktor yoga. Hiro hält Workshops überall auf der Welt und legt nun für Euch und uns einen Stop in Wien. Hiro nutzt sein umfangreiches medizinisches Wissen und übersetzt es in eine moderne und nachhaltige Yoga-Praxis.

Der Kurs wird auf Englisch abgehalten. Im Folgenden findest Du die Beschreibung zu den Workshops und Klassen:

Samstag 12. Oktober 2019

Saturday 12th October : 8.00am - 9:30am: Moving Meditation Master Class �

The purpose of our practice is to experience the unity of our mind, body and soul in a fluid and seamless flow state. For over a decade I cued “breath to movement.” After diving deeper into my meditation practice and making the breath the focus, I shifted to “movement to breath.” The physical practice became something different, it became alive, connected, and truly authentic to how I wanted to move and BE. This workshop taps into the deeper levels of our being, getting back in touch with our natural rhythms beyond the fear of “not enough”, beyond fear of “looking different.” We will introduce creative transitions and reconnect with the inner freedom of self expression and letting go found in a moving meditation.

Saturday 12th October: 10:00am - 12:30am:Intelligent Inversions Workshop �

Do you have that one pair of yoga pants that is your “handstand yoga pants?” The pants where every time you put them on, you feel stronger and more confident getting upside down? Don’t leave your practice up to chance! Ditch the pants and come to this class. Experience what it’s like to fly consistently and confidently in this challenging yet light-hearted workshop. We will break down the elements of inversions as well as explore unique exercises towards helping you access the power already inside of you. Allow yourself to encounter your practice in an elevated way and feel confident in seeing the world from a new perspective, with or without your handstand pants on!

Saturday 12th October: 1:30pm - 4:00pm: A Twist on Anatomy

It is always easy to feel grounded and centered when life goes smoothly and is in alignment. The reality is that life is a series of twists and turns. How we show up in times when we feel constricted, twisted in knots, and out of alignment, is telling of how we will show up in life. In this workshop, we will practice finding center in our twisting asanas from seated, standing, as well as inversions. Master the twists on your mat to show you how you can stay centered and grounded through the twists of life.

Sonntag 13. Oktober 2019

Sunday 13th October: 8.00am - 9:30am: Functional Float Flow

The way I was taught new yoga poses (as with just about all of us) was to keep trying the same pose over and over until we mastered it. But what if there was a more efficient way to get to the same result? Someone once said “We are all headed towards our ‘true North’ in this world. It’s just that most of us go South and take the long way around to get there.” In this master class, we will flow progressively into more involved transitions and postures to increase consistency and ease in moving in and out of the arm balances and inversions throughout our practice.

Sunday 13th October: 10:00am - 12:30am: Find Strength in Balance

When you envision the strongest version of yourself, what do you see? Often, we associate physical strength with aggression and in seeking strength, we draw power from aggression. It is important that on our journey of self discovery, we find our strength and power from a place of self-love and compassion. We will cultivate the harmony of grace and power in our arm balances through deeper body awareness. Learning the tools in this workshop are a mirror for finding the strength in balance off of our mats.

Sunday 13th October: 1:30pm - 4:00pm: Mind and Body Detox

We live in a goal oriented society which pushes us to give our 100%, even if sometimes we don’t feel 100%. As a result, we can feel burned out. Stresses that we hold on to from our week manifest as physical tension in our bodies, and the rigidity felt in our bodies just reflects the rigidity of how we need to show up sometimes in spite of how we might feel. This master class is all about honoring the sensations that we’ve dulled in order to “crush it” in life and move with self love through twists, opening and bending. The possibility of facing challenges and discomfort can be done while honoring where we are instead of “pushing through.” This class is just as challenging as it is yummy, so be prepared to shift the way we show up from “push harder” to “love more actively.”

Über Hiro: Hiro started practicing yoga in 2002 while learning various styles of the asana practice. With a history of also dabbling in various movement modalities, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to numerous team-based sports like basketball and football, Hiro fell into yoga after searching for something to alleviate pain from numerous past injuries and to help make running more enjoyable as it was a passionate hobby that his family shared.

Hiro also studied Biochemistry in university and went on to a graduate medical program in medical pharmacology and cardiopulmonary perfusion. During that time, working in heart and kidney transplant surgical procurement along with open heart bypass surgery, he got to experience first hand part of the inner workings of the body. Throughout this career venture, yoga always was a consistent part of his life in teaching and practice.

Now Hiro is sharing his unique approach worldwide. Starting from introducing knowledge of the physiology of the human body, using the knowledge in various movement patterns and then applying it to a dynamic yoga practice, so that the practitioner is no longer modifying around injury but understanding steps towards healing, and how to expand the practice from a better understanding of anatomy for those looking to advance in their practice and teaching.

Wo? Studio7, Kirchengasse 1A, 1070 Wien

Wann? Samstag - Sonntag, 12. - 13. Oktober 2019


Samstag gesamt € 105

Sonntag gesamt € 105

Gesamtticket: 195 €

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