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Varanasi - Kashi - Banaras, ,Varanasi, India


HOMOEO ICON’23, 24 December | Event in Varanasi | About the event HOMOEO ICON’23
After grand success of
*“Bihar Homoeo Ratan’23 “*
We announce *“Homoeo Icon’23”* on _24th December 2023 (Sunday) at Banaras_ (Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh) a significant event that will bring together eminent homeopathic practitioners and scholars from around the state. This conference aims to foster knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration within the field of homeopathy. Attendees will engage in discussions on the latest research, treatment methodologies, and advancements in homeopathic medicine. The conference will also provide a platform for participants to present their research findings, case studies, and clinical experiences, contributing to the collective growth of homeopathy.
The event will facilitate networking opportunities and encouraged the exchange of ideas that could potentially shape the future of homeopathic healthcare.
The *Homoeo Icon ‘23 * conference in Banaras will play a pivotal role in promoting excellence and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field of homeopathic medicine.

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Sun Dec 24 2023 at 10:00 am


Varanasi - Kashi - Banaras, ,Varanasi, India

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