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Travel & Adventure Events in Vadodara

Adventure, Outdoor Events And Trekking In Vadodara

To Travel the world is to travel within oneself. For all the adrenaline junkies out there are cool adventure events in Vadodara like hiking in the forests, camping in mountains, hanging by the cliffs and a lot more. An adrenaline rush is sure to have when one is out there on adventure. Whether it’s swimming, river rafting, rappelling , riding with motorcycle club or cycling with friends or just a weekend getaway near Vadodara, we have got you covered.

Find your adventure and trips near Vadodara.

Adventure-Trips in Vadodara

Many factors unite to make Baroda an ideal spot for adventure. Baroda has an even mixture of highlands and plains to make it perfect for hiking. Businessmen are taking initiatives to build camps and resorts near the city to provide various types of adventure in Vadodara. So if you’ve been seeking some thrilling adventures, Baroda is the place for you. You can also embark on one-day trips near Vadodara, which provide ample opportunities for adventure. The growth of adventure tour companies shows the popularity of adventure in Vadodara among tourists, which precisely indicates that the place is being considered as one of the popular for making a remarkable trip. 

Top places for adventure in Vadodara

As the city for adventure, there are many things to do in Vadodara. Refresh yourself with a dose of indoor games with Delta 9 Adventures. From paintball to shooting to golf, it provides everything to make your day in Baroda better. You can go hiking to a small hill called Pavagadh near Baroda. The hilltop has a temple and beautiful views and worth a visit. Ecotourism resorts and camps are also fun places to visit in Vadodara. Dev Camp is not very far from Baroda. It provides a unique experience to the visitors as it lets you live in the lap of nature. You can bird-watch, go-cart, cycle, go rock climbing or just sit and enjoy the lush greenery and the beautiful hills and mountains nearby. In the midst of Baroda is the Sursagar Lake, which is an artificial lake with a huge 120 ft statue of Lord Shiva in the middle. You can take a stroll along the lake in the evening or you can go boating on it. Located a few hours away from Baroda is the Hathni Mata Waterfall. You can take a bike ride to the waterfall as the ride is beautiful. After you reach, soak in the waterfall or go for a relaxing swim. You can also visit the temple while you’re there. If you’re an adventure junkie and can’t wait to feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, there are many adventure parks near Vadodara to visit. Fun Time Arena is a water park that has thrilling water rides. S-Cube Waterpark and Gujarat Funworld is an amusement park that is spread over a huge area and will not burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Best day trips near Vadodara

Baroda is surrounded by beautiful towns, which have beautiful views and rich cultural heritage. It is perfect for you to go on some one-day trips near Vadodara. Champaner is composed of royal palaces, which have breathtaking architecture. It is only an hour away from Baroda and will quench your thirst for wanderlust. Pavagadh is located on the next hill from Champaner. There is a temple on top of the hill, which you will have to either climb by foot or a ropeway. This is the best place for finding some adventures in Vadodara. You can experience the ruins of a dynasty that once was.  If you love visiting temples, Kheda, an hour away from Baroda, has plenty of them. It is mainly a religious town but also has historical value. Gandhiji first started his Satyagraha in this small town. Kheda is also home to traditional Gujarati murals that you can see in many of the temples, which makes it one of the best destination for one-day trips near Vadodara.

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