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Music Events In Udaipur

Upcoming Music Events, Festivals And Concerts In Udaipur

Nightlife is not all parties, it is the live music shows, gigs at cafes or a kickass concert. You get to witness the best of the music events in Udaipur; from live music to the tours of artists, there is a lot that the city has in store for you. For a different choice of music, there are distinct events in Udaipur. For classical music lovers, they have classical music shows and concerts, while for the groovers they have concerts in Udaipur to dance your heart out.

The city is never out of stock when it’s music events so get grooving already.

Upcoming Music Events Udaipur

  • Feb 21 - 22
    Aravali Group of Colleges, Udaipur Fri Feb 21 2020 at 10:00 am
  • Feb 22
    Ashoka Cinema parking Free
  • Mar 20 - 22
    Oriental Palace Resorts Fri Mar 20 2020 at 11:00 am
  • Mar 20 - 22
    Oriental Palace Resorts Fri Mar 20 2020 at 11:00 am
  • Music in Udaipur 

    The city of Udaipur came into existence as the capital of the kingdom of Mewar, which was ruled by the Rajput clan. The city boasts of scenic views and is often referred to as the City of Lakes. The beauty of Udaipur does not just lies in its lakes and monuments but goes beyond that into its culture of music. Known to house both traditional as well as modern music, music in Udaipur can take you back to the 1500s with its folk music while also bring you jolting back to 2019 with its modern music.

    Types of Music in Udaipur

    While one can go on about the importance of the culture of music in Udaipur, broadly it can be divided into traditional folk music and modern music. People from Udaipur have, for ages now expressed their traditions and culture through folk music and dance. For Rajasthani’s, music has been habituated as a part of their life. Music not just came in the form of melodies tunes but mainly came into play as a method of communicating, singing the praise of a hero or for general expression of thought. Some of the traditional folk music include Pabuji Ki Phach, a popular folk music style in memory of great folk heroes, Maand, which is one of the most popular music styles sung describing the greatness of kings of the past times of Rajasthan and Panihari is a different form of folk music that was used as communication between women.

    While the above gives us a peek into the folk music culture, one must not forget that Udaipur is also hosted to various genre of music much as jazz, electronic and reggae music. The city has always been very encouraging to music aspirants and hence you will find tons of places where live bands play. From Mayur Band which is a company that encourages young talent and provides live orchestra performances, to high-dinning places such as Brewz Rock Café and Rootage Restaurant and Lounge, that specially organizes for live music in Udaipur, the city is constantly bustling with music. And due to its variety, appeals to all ages.

    Music Festivals in Udaipur

    Music festivals in Udaipur are not just restricted to folk and cultural performances, but also include music events such as music concerts in Udaipur as well as music festivals. Where there are tons of festivals held throughout the year at various historical locations in Udaipur, what stands out is the Udaipur World Music Festival. The festival was first launched in 2016 and has since picked pace. Last year, the festival showcased a lot of new talent and additionally showed different combinations of music such as jazz, electronic, contemporary all mixed in one energy filled performance. The festival is held in February every year and is must watch for music lovers and is known across the globe. Spread over three days, this festival is sure to cover all music events in Udaipur that you can enjoy. Not just do they host upcoming local artists, but artists from across the globe perform at the festival, making it an experience like no other. 

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