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I R A T I O N . S T E P P A S @Teatro Miela

Nov 06, 2021 - Nov 07, 2021

I R A T I O N . S T E P P A S @Teatro Miela

Time Sat Nov 06 2021 at 11:00 pm to Sun Nov 07 2021 at 03:00 am

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Teatro Miela Bonawentura, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Trieste, Italy


I R A T I O N . S T E P P A S @Teatro Miela
Teatro Miela Trieste / venerdì 26 marzo 2021, h 22.00
Warm up: Dubkali, Cannibal Se/lecter e Rockers Dub Master

Mark Iration, Una delle figure piu importanti della scena dub, un vero animale da palco, sarà al Teatro Miela per continuare la serie di appuntamenti con questo genere a Trieste e si preannuncia sicuramente una nottata infuocata!
Ancora una volta in sala, a far vibrare la massive, l'unico sound system della città: @[78122452507:274:Rockers Dub Master sound system]
In consolle, per il warm up, ci saranno come sempre anche @[1186402074782655:274:DubKali aka MaxKali] e @[343818325710006:274:Cannibal se/lecter]
L’allestimento video della serata è curato da @[100004222422040:2048:F]aaab

We like to keep it spiritual and uplifting really, cos that’s what dub is about. It is an experience.

@[495890977168402:274:Iration Steppas Official] nasce nel 1990 come sound system. Il fondatore, Mark Iration, è un appassionato di roots e dub ed è dotato di una impressionante ed energetica presenza scenica... in breve tempo si impone come il sound system più importante nel nord dell’Inghilterra. Successivamente escono “Scud Missile/High Rise Vibration” e il remix dell’EP “Koyaanisquats” di Rootsman per l’etichetta Soundclash. Spinto dal successo di queste due prime release Mark entra in contatto con Dennis Rootical. Insieme i due registrano una quantità impressionante di tracce su DAT e cominciano a mixarle dal vivo. Il nuovo stile Iration riscuote subito un grande successo e il duo viene invitato a suonare sempre più di frequente in dancehall e festival nel Regno Unito e in tutta Europa. Nel frattempo la massive dei sostenitori cresce e il duo comincia a pubblicare una serie di dieci pollici sulla propria etichetta, Iration Steppas Rec., e ad apparire in diverse compilation dub storiche tra cui “Macro Dub Infection” (Virgin), “Lead With the Bass” (Universal Egg), “Research & Development” (On-U-Sound) e “Dubhead Volume One” (Dubhead) fino al primo album del 1996, “Original Dub DAT”. Ormai headliner in tutti i maggiori festival di genere europei e non, Iration Steppas sono punto di riferimento per i cultori della sound system culture.

Mark is coming to Trieste to bring fire to the Miela massive, following the journey of the previous dub nights in the Theater.

Iration Steppas was originally set up by Mark Iration as a sound system in Leeds, where he played the latest sounds at blues dances, clubs and parties. With a posse of like-minded individuals Iration toured the country absorbing various sounds. A sound system clash in Leeds against Jah Shaka resulted in praise from the legendary soundman, encouraging Iration to continue in the business. In 1993, Iration linked up with Dennis Rootical (under the guise of Kitachi), performing the leftfield dope beat sound. Live appearances by the duo were greeted with enthusiasm, playing festivals and clubs around the UK. They are also acknowledged as being the first to utilize DAT recordings of their own tunes at the High Rise studio in Leeds and to mix them live. With Jack Rouble joining the group, their reputation grew and Iration Steppas released the classic ‘Scud Missile’ in 1993. The single was met with enthusiasm and demand led to the discomix being re-pressed three times before eventually being deleted. The initial hit was followed by the equally popular 12-inch discomix, ‘Mystical Warrior’. Acclaimed by the media as Jah Shaka’s ‘enlightened offspring’, they followed the hit with two 10-inch releases, ‘Reminiscence Dub’ and ‘Killimanjaro’ both of which were featured on their debut album. As Kitachi they released three dope beat singles, ‘Spirit’, ‘Scratch Remix’ and ‘Heavyweight’. The new wave of dub followers can also discover many specials recorded for a variety of 90s-style dub compilations, including Macro Dub Infection, Dubhead Volumes One and Two, Club Meets Dub and Dope On Plastic. Iration Steppas are a true insititution in the Sound System Culture nowadays, bringing their powerful sessions to venues and Festivals all around the planet.

Resident sound system powering event:

Rockers Dub Master sound system

Warm up by:

@[1186402074782655:274:DubKali aka MaxKali]

@[343818325710006:274:Cannibal se/lecter]/

video setting by: @[100004222422040:2048:F]aaab

Resident sound system powering event:

@[78122452507:274:Rockers Dub Master sound system]

Rockers Dub Master Sound System has been founded in 2007 in Muggia In 2012. Luca has builded the sound system and present it to Trieste’s reggae and dub lovers. Sound system is an expression for a custom made sound, where putting special attention to the bass speakers that can reach extremely low frequencies and can present very clear sound of high tones. People accepted the first sound system in Trieste region with a great enthusiasm which hasn’t vanished until recent days. Rockers Dub Master’s music selection is an emotional journey, accompanied with a heavy bass and high vibes in a different genres like dub, rockers reggae, roots and dubwise. Rockers Dub Master sound system is empowering DUB events in Miela, since 2017.

The Rockers Dub Master’s mission remains in spreading good music and consciousness, without any preference of culture and belief. Their music performance is loud and clear message of peace, love, respect and harmony in the each one teach one style!


organizzazione: Teatro Miela Bonawentura

ingresso € 10,00
Prevendita c/o biglietteria del teatro
tutti i giorni dalle 17.00 alle 19.00.- dal 9 al 19 marzo

la serata del 26 marzo, Ingresso: € 15,00,
riduzioni convenzionate: € 12,00.

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Nearby Hotels Teatro Miela Bonawentura, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Trieste, Italy
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Sat Nov 06 2021 at 11:00 pm to Sun Nov 07 2021 at 03:00 am
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Teatro Miela Bonawentura, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Trieste, Italy

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