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Corso di gong campane tibetane diapason - livello base ed intermedio

Corso di gong, campane tibetane, diapason - livello base ed intermedio

Jun 11, 2021 - Jun 13, 2021

Corso di gong, campane tibetane, diapason - livello base ed intermedio

Time Fri Jun 11 2021 at 10:00 am to Sun Jun 13 2021 at 05:30 pm

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Torino (To) Piemonte, Torino, Italy

Corso di gong, campane tibetane, diapason - livello base ed intermedio, 11 June | Event in Torino | Corso di gong, campane tibetane, diapason - livello base ed intermedio
Sound therapy fundamentals
Gong, campane tibetane, diapason
con Marko Zigon e Max Palin
Ven 11 – Sab 12 – Dom 13 Giugno 2021
In presenza - a Torino dalle 10 alle 17 ogni giorno
info e prenotazioni al 3343018572 (Max)
costo euro 280 con prenotazione entro il 01 Maggio oppure 320 con prenotazione successiva. Il corso prevede attestato di partecipazione finale.FONDAMENTA DEL SUONO
(primo giorno)
Comprendendo le proprietà del suono, i partecipanti acquisiranno familiarità con gli strumenti sonori ed impareranno i protocolli per sessioni private 1-1.
| 01 | Cos’è la suono terapia
| 02 | Suono come motore della creazione
| 03 | Fonti sonore, frequenza e materia
| 04 | L’orecchio umano (percezione uditiva e tattile)
| 05 | Culture del mondo (Sound In History)
| 06 | Effetti della terapia del suono
| 07 | L’importanza del flusso
| 08 | Chakra e meridiani
| 09 | Suono vs. Musica…
| 10 | Approccio fisico e metafisico
| 11 | Tipi di strumenti audio e loro proprietà
| 12 | Diapason come strumento scientifico, medico e terapeutico
| 13 | Storia, tipi e applicazioni delle campane himalayane (tibetane)
| 14 | Storia e applicazione delle campane di cristallo
| 15 | Storia, tipi e applicazioni dei gong
| 16 | Comprensione dei livelli di intensità
+ Esperienze PraticheLIVELLO II – INTERMEDIO
(secondo giorno)
Espansione del sé:
I solidi principi saranno elaborati in diverse sottosezioni consentendo ai partecipanti di stabilire i criteri e scegliere il trattamento più appropriato.
| 17 | Opzioni di terapia del suono
| 18 | Musica, note e utilizzo di intervalli come portali
| 19 | Principi delle sessioni armoniche
| 20 | Capire il “bisogno primario” della persona
| 21 | Selezione di strumenti adeguati
| 22 | Tipi di sessioni e loro applicazione pratica
| 23 | Risonanza e trattamento nella pratica
| 24 | Regolazione della frequenza cardiaca
| 26 | Grounding Vs. Uplifting
| 27 | Toning, Overtoning, Mantra
| 28 | Suono nello yoga
| 29 | Bambini e suoni
| 30 | Mallette e l’importanza della scelta
+ Esperienze PraticheLIVELLO II – INTERMEDIO
(terzo giorno)
| 31 | Struttura ed esecuzione della sessione passo passo
| 32 | Cimatica e Geometria Sacra
| 33 | Onde cerebrali e mente (conscio vs subconscio)
| 34 | 432 vs. Teorie a 440 Hz
| 35 | Diagnosi con pendolo e diapason
| 36 | Pulizia dello spazio
| 37 | Koshi, Kalimba’s, Ocean & Tongue drum
| 38 | Massaggio sonoro
+ Esperienze Pratiche
has been connected to Sound since 1993. Trained in classical music (Trombone & Percussion) in 1997 he formed a band and performed more than 500 live shows – recording 2 studio albums.
Bachelor in acoustics since 2006 (Seaport noise reduction case study) he parallelly graduated at the Australian School for Audio Engineering (SAE Institute) the same year. It was around that time, he experienced Sound Therapy for the first time and immediately sensed a deep connection to it.
While working for almost 9 years as producer/musician/sound engineer in a professional studio facility he built in 2007, he deepened his relationship with silence as part of music reproduction as well as the importance of bringing silence into everyday life.
In 2009 he won the 3rd prize in a tech start-up contest pitching the “audio de-compression algorithm” project. In the next years he was developing a new design of sustainable Omnidirectional sound sculptures “Evoluta” made of steel pipes and 3D printed vinyl.
After completing more than 15 international trainings and personal tuitions by leading experts in the field: In Germany, UK, Japan, USA, Italy, Russia, France, Poland, and Nepal he developed a proper frequency assessment test in order to deliver optimal results while empowering individuals through sound.
Keeping a file with more than 950 individual sound therapy sessions, while hosting more than 360 group meditations around the globe, he personally experienced a variety of marginal treatments: from shamans in Mongolia to neuro-scientists in California and a lot in between.
Relentlessly evolving and focusing on delivering the best experience Marko has gathered so far an impressive collection of sonic tools (which include more than 140 singing bowls, 160+ tuning forks and 15 different gongs) among many other rare instruments he is sharing the passion during his regularly 60+ international trainings held in: UAE, Germany, Italy, Nepal, Bahrain, England, USA, Hong Kong and Japan. For the last 4 years he has been constantly running Sound Therapy Trainings Level 1,2 & 3.
Some references and key competences related to his practice and sound trainings:
Gongs: Certified GM training with the Grand gong master Don Conreaux (USA). Integral Gong training – cosmic gong techniques with gong scientist Jens Zygar (Germany). Gong making (hand-hammering) masterclass with sound metalsmith Ton Akkermans (Netherlands).
Singing bowls: Peter Hess sound massage training level 1-4 (personally with Peter Hess at PHI headquarter in Germany). Sound training in Nepal at the Himalayan Singing Bowl Center with “Kansa” dynasty successors (Kathmandu). Private lessons with singing bowl expert Frank Perry at his home in the UK.
Tuning forks: Private lectures with frequency mathematician Randy Masters (Santa Cruz – California), Human Tuning TF training with Dr. John Beaulieu (New York). Planetary frequency consultations with the father of planetary wavelengths – Hans Cousto (Germany).
Apart from everything related to sound his hobbies include: photography, art, reading, traveling and studying “Presence”…
In 2020 he directed “Tapu Himene” – Silence is the end game, which was awarded 1st prize for best Inspirational short movie at Florence 2020 international film awards.

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About The Host: Bagni sonori di gong, tamburi sciamanici e campane tibetane.
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Fri Jun 11 2021 at 10:00 am to Sun Jun 13 2021 at 05:30 pm
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Torino (To) Piemonte, Torino, Italy

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