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Comfort Measures for Labor


Comfort Measures for Labor

In some cultures, the word for "pregnant mother" is the same as the word for "new mother", which essentially translates as "Motherbaby": implying that whatever affects the mother also affects the baby, both before birth and after birth. You can think of the Motherbaby as a newborn entity who requires a great deal of care, nourishment, kindness, and support throughout the slow transition into two separate, distinct beings. She needs to be fed, held and comforted. She needs sleep, support and safety. Most of all, a newborn mother should never be left to cry it out alone. Someone needs to respond to her cries; someone needs to be there to reach out and say "I know, I know it feels impossible, and yet I know that you can do it, because you ARE doing it." ~Lauralyn Curtis

This Comfort Measures workshop is designed to offer the pregnant woman and her birth partner tools to move through labor with a unified sense of ease and empowerment as they welcome their new little baby into the world. The prevailing perception of labor in modern society is that the pain from giving birth equates to suffering and therefore interventions like epidurals are often encouraged even pressured by many healthcare providers as a way to address discomfort. While an epidural eliminates almost all sensation, including pain, it does not address fear, worry, loneliness, helplessness, or other emotions that lead to distress, dissatisfaction, or even suffering. It is important to understand that pain is an unpleasant physical sensation and may or may not be associated with suffering. Suffering is a distressing psychological state of mind. To prevent suffering, women need more than relief of pain; they need to recognize that labor pain is a side effect of a normal process and not a sign of damage or injury. Labor is not intrinsically an “emergency.” The birthing mother needs to be given a sense of mastery and well being as she responds to her pain, and she also needs humane, caring, confident people giving continuous support as labor unfolds.

This Comfort Measures workshop offers the expectant mother’s birth partner ways to nurture and soothe the laboring woman by creating a peaceful, safe environment that will assist her through the contractions of labor. This support will empower the mother to respond to and cope well with the pain, by remaining calm and confident while also giving the birth partner a sense of purpose in the process of bringing their new little miracle into the world.

Stages of labor reviewed

Birth video viewing

Pranayama (breathing exercises)

Non-verbal communication

Boundaries creating/holding secure sacred space

Gentle movement partner yoga practice and meditation

Learn and practice comfort measures for labor methods

Aromatherapy for ease

Questions answers

*Wear comfortable clothing *pot luck at the completion of the session. Please bring a dish to share in a community celebration after completing class if you are able.

$120 per couple

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