Sydney Events | Upcoming Events & Things To Do In Sydney, Australia
  • Mar 2024
  • S2
    • Sneaker Painting Workshop
    • BOLLYWOOD BEBO at Blackbird, Darling Harbour, Sydney
    • 45+ Singles Party - Dee Why RSL (Women Tickets SOLD OUT)
    • Level 2 - Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Workshop for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners - April 20th
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  • S3
    • Clubby Bears Cubby House w/ Sveta
    • THICK ‘N’ JUICY - Boat Party - Mardi Gras - Sunday 3rd March
    • FINALE: Closing Party
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  • M4
    • Life Drawing at The Arthouse Hotel - 4th March 2024
    • HORNSBY JUNIOR CHESS CLUB TERM 1- 2024 (Mondays)
    • World Hearing Day Events at Australian Hearing Hub.
    • West Pymble Community Collection
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  • T5
    • Australian Build Group: Revolutionising Construction Procurement
    • Between the Lines: Conversations on the Art of Writing
    • Society for Conservation Biology Sydney movie night: Battle in the Bush
    • Navigating the challenges of doing business in Australia in 2024.
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  • W6
    • Film Studies Oscars Trivia Night
    • History Now: New Earth histories
    • What the Ocean tells us about Climate Change
    • Neurodiverse Design
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  • T7
    • Global Series - Bloomberg Philanthropies
    • Worldwide Alumni Celebration 2024: Sydney
    • auDA workshop: Safeguard Your Business with Sprintlaw
    • IWD 2024 - Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress
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  • F8
    • International Women's Day Panel Discussion 2024
    • WIL and EY Gender Network presents International Women's Day
    • Fridays at 77 w/ Wavyrager & Isa
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  • S9
    • Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Workshop March 9th @ Qi Yoga Manly
    • Super Family Fun Day! // FRENCHS FOREST SHOWGROUND (9th & 10th March)
    • OneSeventy: Rave Escape [09.03.2024]
    • Theo Von Sydney
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  • S10
    • Shalom's Jewish Food Festival
    • Australia Sydney Old School Soul Sunset Cruise Ft. Dj Jazzy D
    • Black and White Photography
    • Gustavo Swim Ft. JAX JONES
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  • M11
    • Best PMI PgMP Boot camp Sydney Australia - vCare Project Management
    • Why investing in women matters -The Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait V Research
    • Comedy Night at Taffy's Bar
    • Customised Employment Workshop with MILTON TYREE
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  • T12
    • Property and CGT
    • The Women's Financial Wellness Roadmap
    • Author Talk - Through Darkest Seas
    • MOSAIC - Live at Foundry 616 March 12
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  • W13
    • UNSW Science x UNSW Employability: Resume Workshop
    • Ex Libris: Bookplate artists in the collection
    • Health Tech Happy Hour Sydney
    • Author Talk: Dementia Journey: A Carer’s Guide to Dementia
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  • T14
    • Author Talk: The Battle of Sydney Harbour 1942
    • Francisco Xifra in Albion Place Hotel
    • Premier's Concert
    • The Wharf Revue: Pride in Prejudice
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  • F15
    • Thee Sacred Souls
    • CLUB KURIOUS feat. Venda
    • Sydney STEM Women Graduate Careers Event
    • Masif presents Da Tweekaz @ Space! [15.03.2024]
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  • S16
    • Holi Festival Sydney - 16 March 2024
    • Holi Mela (Festival of Colours)
    • Jeff Mills presents Tomorrow Comes the Harvest
    • The Greatest Travel Show Sydney
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  • S17
    • Numinous x Asintada Australian Tour 2024 - SYDNEY Leg
    • Sunday screening: The Colour of Pomegranates
    • Sydney Big Walk for Refugees with Craig Foster
    • Sunday studio: Drawing stories
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  • M18
    • IN PERSON EVENT: Parliament Unpacked - Inside Committees
    • Paddy Pallin Sydney | National Experience Series | Navigation
    • Cultural diversity week
    • Certified Agile Leadership (CAL E+O) SELF - Level 1 with Michael K Sahota
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  • T19
    • Cultural strategy workshop: contemporary music
    • Preservation and conservation
    • Openbook Autumn
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  • W20
    • Author Talk: All The Golden Light - Siobhan O'Brien
    • Love to Teach Queensland Information Session- Sydney
    • Cultural strategy workshop: major institutions
    • AU FHIR Work Group 2024
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  • T21
    • LAUNCH: From Recommendations to Actions-RoadMap
    • Teacher exhibition tour - Wadgayawa Nhay Dhadjan Wari
    • 2024 Small Australian Mutuals Network Member Forum
    • Public Panel on Medical Assistance in Dying: the Canadian Experience
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  • F22
    • Education, Career & Migration Expo 2024
    • Film Screening: A Writer's Odyssey
    • Unlock the Power of Data
    • Bolly Holi - Neon Bollywood Holi Party At The Flynn, Sydney
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  • S23
    • RANG RAVE at Blackbird, Darling Harbour, Sydney
    • Gary Payton's Block Party
    • Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour - West Side Story
    • Author Talk: Australian Code Breakers - James Phelps
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  • S24
    • POOF DOOF Swim Club | SUN 24 MAR
    • Soulfire Sydney: Brunch Series at Café Del Mar
    • Crampfire New Gens
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  • M25
    • Full Moon Circle
    • Week 6 - Scrims
    • Dom & Josie Hairstyling x Content Masterclass SYDNEY
    • Think. An exclusive thought leadership event from Qantas magazine
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  • T26
    • Dingoos Salsa Night - Sydney
    • Comms Club Sydney
    • Ryde Bus Driver Open Day
    • March Greenhouse Gathering - with Lauren Errington
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  • W27
    • Mastering Workforce Planning in 2024 and Beyond
    • Through my lens: John Janson-Moore
    • Lachlan McKenzie Quintet
    • An Evening with Antler: Why is a day zero investor your best bet?
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  • T28
    • Female Founder Pitch Night (Sydney)
    • Maximise the Value of Your Business
    • The Alley Presents. Bandathon 24' | Easter Thursday
    • Big Night Out Pub Crawl | EASTER THURSDAY | 28 March | Sydney
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  • F29
    • OBSKÜR — Glass Island — Good Friday
    • 2024 FMAA NSW Down to Business Luncheon
    • DUCKIT ivy Pool Party
    • IRH: Sydney @ Ivy [Good Friday 29 Mar]
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  • S30
    • Simo's - Boat Chaos
    • Easter Saturday Seafood Dinner at Sailmaker
    • Lighthouse Project 4 | Cinema Rave
    • Limewire Dance Party
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  • S31
    • SHUBZ Presents // Easter Sunday Boat Party Ft. Luke Dean (UK)
    • Open day for Trans and Gender Diverse communities
    • Easter High Tea at Amora
    • Alice in Easterland at Callan Park
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  • Apr2024
  • M1
    • Drive-By Truckers Australian Tour I Sydney
    • Elvis Costello & The Imposters
    • Glass Island - Gustavo - Inside the Tribe - Monday 1st April
  • T2

Events in Sydney

The events in Sydney radiate the light throughout Australia. The world comes to see the spectacle of Sydney’s New Year Fireworks and boat parties! Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge make the skyline shine with beautiful beaches on the side. Be it a festival or concert, Sydney celebrates it throughout the year. The Emerald City shines brighter at night with bars and pubs lit up with live music and entertainment! Sydney is a city that beckons you to explore events and festivals every day!

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Things to do in Sydney

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Places to Visit in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

A symbol of architectural genius and cultural significance, the magnificent Sydney Opera House is set along the spectacular Sydney Harbour. Its distinctive sail-like structures grace the city's skyline and host myriad artistic performances. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Opera House illuminates, casting a mesmerizing glow on the waters. Whether attending a world-class concert or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll by the harbor, the Sydney Opera House offers a captivating blend of artistic allure and natural beauty.

2. Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Amidst the hustle of Sydney, the Royal Botanic Garden emerges as a green sanctum to immerse themselves in nature's embrace. Strolling along meandering pathways, one can escape the urban bustle and find solace among themed gardens. With its breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanic Garden offers a botanical break and a serene haven where the beauty of the natural world intertwines with the city's dynamic energy.

3. Bondi Beach

The golden sands and soothing sound of breaking waves beckon at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, a sun-kissed paradise. It is recognized for its glistening ocean, pristine sands, reliable surf, and seaside spirit. Surfers carve through the azure waters, and Beachgoers bask in the sun's warmth. It is a sun-soaked canvas where locals and travelers come together to embrace the carefree vibes and salty sea breeze.

4. Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck

Standing above Sydney's busy streets, the Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck provides an amazing view of the city's bold skyline. Climbing the observation deck is like ascending to the sky because the glass windows offer unobstructed views of the port and famous landmarks. Whether capturing the perfect Instagram moment or simply soaking in the city's charm, the Observation Deck is a human-scale portal to Sydney's awe-inspiring heights.

5. Art Gallery of New South Wales

Calling out art enthusiasts, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is a realm of creativity and expression. It is one of Australia’s flagship art museums and the state’s leading visual arts institution. Wander through the corridors and discover the emotive power of Australian and international artworks, inviting reflection and sparking conversation. The gallery ignites a personal connection with the ever-evolving world of visual storytelling!

6. Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Open the gates to the best of Australia at Wild Life Sydney Zoo and meet the iconic Australian animals. Encounter curious kangaroos, cuddly koalas, and other iconic creatures that call this urban sanctuary home. As you stroll through interactive exhibits, the zoo becomes a human-scale adventure, offering opportunities to get up close with unique and diverse species. It is a captivating blend of education and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

7. St. Mary's Cathedral

The soulful haven in the heart of Sydney, St. Mary's Cathedral , stands as a timeless symbol of faith and history. Originally the first Catholic Chapel in Australia, it carries the echoes of a resilient past, having been redesigned by Architect William Wilkinson after a fire. Yet, its serene beauty endures. Whether you seek solace, marvel at intricate architecture, or long for a heart-touching service, this cathedral graciously transforms into a sacred sanctuary for the human spirit, offering a tranquil refuge for all who step within its hallowed walls.

8. Centennial Park

Nature, leisure, and peace are interwoven at Centennial Park , a lovely haven in the center of Sydney. The park is transformed into a canvas for people to interact with nature as families get together for picnics and joggers move along the paths. Quiet ponds are crossed by beautiful ducks, and sunshine streams through the old trees' canopy to provide a calm atmosphere for intimate encounters. It is where the gentle beats of nature and the pulse of the city blend together.

9. Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

The five-level shopping center right at the core of Sydney, The Queen Victoria Building , is a regal gem for an elegant shopping experience. History whispers through the intricate architecture as shoppers traverse its ornate halls, blending seamlessly with the contemporary retail experience. From luxury boutiques to charming cafes, the QVB has become a vibrant meeting place. The shopping center houses over 140 fashion boutiques, jewelry shops, specialty stores, cafes, and restaurants.

10. Powerhouse Museum

Visit the vibrant world of Powerhouse Museum , a modern-day marvel in the heart of Sydney. This museum isn't just about arts, science, and innovation; it's a playground where vintage trains and futuristic gadgets blur the lines between history and the future. From hands-on exhibits to captivating stories of human achievement, Powerhouse Ultimo sparks curiosity and makes learning a thrilling adventure.

Things to do in Sydney

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