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Trap, Top - and Fault Seal Analysis


Trap, Top - and Fault Seal Analysis

About This Course

Prospect evaluation generally starts with the search for traps. Once a potential trap has been identified reservoir and charge are further assessed, whilst in many cases the seal is only given relatively cursory attention. For trapped hydrocarbons all four main play elements (trap, reservoir, seal and charge) are equally important; after all, if any of these elements are missing no hydrocarbons can be trapped. Nevertheless, and without underplaying the importance of the other play elements, in the large majority of cases the Gross Rock Volume (GRV) uncertainty is the dominant factor for the uncertainty range of oil or gas volumes that may be discovered in a successful exploration well.

Why You Should Attend

In this course trap and seal analysis is discussed together as they are closely linked; after all it may be argued that without a seal, there is no trap. Doing a good job of identifying valid potential traps requires creativity and resourcefulness, plus an excellent understanding of what may constitute a trap and where potential spill and leak-points may be. In mature basins and basins with sub-optimal seismic data quality, where the more obvious traps have already been drilled, the search may be for alternative traps such as stratigraphic, deeper and/or basement traps.

Trap and seal analysis discussed in this course are from a pragmatic explorers point of view, based on the extensive experience of the instructor and on published case histories. A large variety of trap types from different basin settings will be discussed and illustrated with real examples from basins across the globe. Although also more theoretical aspects of trapping and sealing will be presented and discussed, emphasis is on providing real examples, advice and practical guidelines that will help explorers in their day-to-day work.

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