Proofreading and Writing Training

Proofreading and Writing Training

Proofreading and Writing Training

Fri May 30 2025 at 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

Sydney, Australia

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AUD 495
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Proofreading and Writing Training, 30 May | Event in Sydney | About the event Proofreading and Writing Training
Paramount Training and Development offers a course tailored to those wishing to improve their skills as proofreaders, writers, or both.

About this Event

Course Overview

At the beginning of the session, we’re going to engage in some ice-breakers, to get to know each other and to use what knowledge we already hold. After that, we’ll each explore our learning intentions and we can tailor this workshop to suit those goals.

<h4>Topics covered in this course</h4>

Proofreading Versus Editing: The Critical Difference

Participants will receive tips for giving presentations and learn more about their own way of thinking, toward presentations.

Common Proofreading Pitfalls

As we work together to unlock the secrets of proofreading – whether it’s something you’ve never heard of before or something that feels like you’ve seen a million times – you’ll learn edits. You will (you will!) become an editor.

The Nuts and Bolts of Perfect Proofreading

Come along with us, now, as we hurl ourselves into the vacuum that is proofreading. Capitalisation and all those acronyms ahead of the spell checker! Omissions and transpositions, jumping out at you almost as fast as you can type! Repeats? Well, see them go as you continue to plough on.

Take Your Proofreading Skills to the Next Level

Documents reviewed will lead participants to learn methods for discerning problems, ultimately arming them with more confidence in document review.

Avoiding Punctuation Pratfalls That Doom Your Writing

Together we will make your writing better. Present: Join our workshop for tips Topic: How to use pronouns to make sure your writing is clear.

Successful Spelling Strategies

Spelling skills made easy – next session. Have you made any common spelling errors while preparing any documents? This is the right workshop for you! Good for honesty in emails or reports.

Creating Your Personal Style … Grammatically Speaking

Donate your grammar style and improve your vocabulary in different words! Make a visit here and learn the techniques of jargon and slang, terms and phrases. Expose the difference from slang to jargon, words to terms and expressions! Do you know slang is different to jargon, but words, terms and expressions can be the same! Here are several random words and expressions. You want to use them in a sentence? Or are they formal or slang ones? Find out the right context! Understand the function of different words and sentences! The sentence must contain at least 20 words! Students who don’t want to solve this puzzle anymore are allowed to leave now ;-) Let’s see if you can get more!Cheque for literacy.

Structure Guidelines That Make All Your Communications Flow

Learn how to organize your essay. Discover the secrets of sentence construction that will prevent your emails from landing in the junk folder!

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the event we open the floor for a QA session, where you can ask questions and get a better understanding on anything you need to clarify. In addition, you have an action plan that you can create yourself based on your own personal objectives. Mission accomplished!

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Date & Time

Fri May 30 2025 at 09:00 am to 01:00 pm


Sydney, Australia

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Training in SydneyParamount offer some of thebest training courses availablein Australia. We customise the training sessions to suit the participants every time, making it more effective and increasing the skill level on a needs basis.Employees enjoy our training sessions for several reasons:Interactive and MotivatingCustomisable and Edited to suit the needs of the individualQualified Trainers10 Years Experience in developing techniques within the training industryWith a range of different learning experiences, participants can also learn they way they wish. Some are visual, suditory and kinesthetic learners. Some prefer Experiential Learning or using the Impact system. With Paramount you can be assured of a better training session as you get to learn the best way for you.Our delivery can also be customised to suit your timeframe, needs, and objectives. Contact our training team inSydneyfor more details.
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