Outside the Workplace Networking

Outside the Workplace Networking

Outside the Workplace Networking

Sat May 24 2025 at 08:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sydney, Australia

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AUD 495
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Outside the Workplace Networking, 24 May | Event in Sydney | AllEvents.in About the event Outside the Workplace Networking
This training session is therefore set to help your team members network as capably as possible.

About this Event

Course Overview

When we begin each workshop, we’ll create a safe space for participants to learn about each other and what’s ahead. We consider each person’s journey of learning, so we ask students to identify their learning goals for this experience, so that they can benefit the most.

Topics covered in this course

The Benefits of Networking Outside of Work

This session will explore ways to enhance your networking skills to combat the challenge of networking, such as time crunches, relationship-building uncertainty and fear of rejection. We will show you where you can find networking opportunities that will advance your career.

Networking Obstacles

Today’s topic will focus on the various barriers that might hinder your networking; time challenges, communication failure and the fear of rejection. We also explore how to make sure you know where to go for a cocktail relating to your networking!

Networking Principles

Sometimes it is more important who you know than what you know. That is why participants in this session will master a skill every employee or employer needs how to network effectively. Participants will learn how to; Manage relationships, Organise their contacts for efficiency, and Maintain their contacts through follow ups.

Why Network?

Why It’s Important to Network This session will help you discover the true importance of stepping outside of your own group in order to achieve job and personal success. Learn how to build needed connections for helping you reach your goals.

How to Build Networks

Here you’ll learn how to become a networking genius. We will instruct you in both in-person and online networking techniques. Learn your networking secret: into networking groups, at networking events, on social networks, and creating referral networks that drive success.

Online Networking Tools

Participants will find out that learning the ropes of networking is possibly the best way to take advantage of the world we live in here, as we will explore ways to settle into and profit from the experience by using the tools we’ve got.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of our programme, students can meet at a think tank, where they can discuss and establish a personal road map for reaching their goals.

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Date & Time

Sat May 24 2025 at 08:00 am to 12:00 pm


Sydney, Australia

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About The Host:
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