Office Etiquette Training

Office Etiquette Training

Office Etiquette Training

Wed May 21 2025 at 07:30 am to 11:30 am

Sydney, Australia

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AUD 495
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Office Etiquette Training, 21 May | Event in Sydney | About the event Office Etiquette Training
Receive expert instruction on how maximise your potential in the workplace through advanced social integration techniques!

About this Event

Course Overview

To begin with, our workshop will start with an icebreaker, getting to know each other and, in the process, also helping to create the learning experience. This gives each participant an opportunity to define their own expectations and set the tone for achieving a meaningful day together.

Topics covered in this course

<h4>Etiquette and Rules of Behaviour</h4>

To start with, we will talk about etiquette and its rules. We will discuss what etiquette is, as well as protocols, office courtesy and behavioural considerations in the workplace.

<h4>Fear of Embarrassment</h4>

In this session we’ll: give you power tips about how to get past feelings of shame or embarrassment, how to boost your confidence, and how to become fearless!

<h4>Dealing with Co-workers</h4>

In this course we will help in improving participants communication skills in the workplace by providing relevant information on how to work as a team and develop sound working relationships with your co-workers. We will look into verbal and non verbal communication techniques to help creating impression.

<h4>The Handshake</h4>

Participants will learn and explore the perfect handshake, including all 5 essential elements to make your greeting stand out. A confident handshake can be a valuable asset in an exchange!

<h4>Do you Remember Names?</h4>

During a session, you’ll be given hints on remembering names instantly; something that’s always good to remember while you’re at work.

<h4>Making that Great First Impression</h4>

In this session we will look at the importance of a good first impression to ensure that we have an impact on others, and how a clear line of communication can lead to trust. We will also discuss the various kinds of body language to create and understand the personality of our messages.

<h4>Telephone and E-Mail Etiquette</h4>

This clip teaches how to behave and speak politely on the phone or any other type of communication tools.

<h4>Workshop Wrap-Up</h4>

This workshop ends with a session in which students can ask questions and develop an action plan. Don’t miss out!

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Date & Time

Wed May 21 2025 at 07:30 am to 11:30 am


Sydney, Australia

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