New Manager Training

New Manager Training

New Manager Training

Tue May 20 2025 at 08:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sydney, Australia

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AUD 495
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New Manager Training, 20 May | Event in Sydney | About the event New Manager Training
This New Manager Training program is to help employees get a good start to the role and give them what they need to hit the ground.

About this Event

Being promoted and then taking on a new role of a manager and/or supervisor definitely brings a lot of challenge, mostly derived from inexperience coupled with sudden forced distribution of a significant amount of responsibility one is barely prepared for.

Management of any kind, and at any level, both within the premises of a large corporation and a small company is a huge challenge to undertake on its own and its alarming height becoming larger due to being inexperienced and delved into the process of learning about new job, its responsibilities and a structure surrounding it, nd simultaneously working, handling respective number of people performing various tasks alongside trying to stay a breath under water in terms of important details of managing an workplace.

Course Overview

The introduction in the workshop is to our course, an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and to share their goals.

It’s also for people to experiment with what they wish to gain as we continue with our time together.

Topics covered in this course

Plan their business ventures

In this session, we’re simply trying to set our innovators up for success, and using basic goal-setting techniques helps participants prepare for any future efforts.

Organise their resources

Through it, participants will be able to identify their core competencies and pinpoint their weaknesses to create a blueprint of how to leverage their strengths for the greater good. Here, participants learn what areas of their framework need reinforcement to enhance and contribute to their overall success.

Direct their employees’ efforts to achieve the business’s goals

Participants will learn about a skill in this session: identify markers that help maximise productivity of a workspace. They will also be able to implement these techniques in any environment.

Control their efforts effectively

In this session, we will explore a range of mindsets or relationship-building techniques that involve behaviour modification, including methods to establish positive work habits, as well as ways to break cycles in order to engender transformation.

Workshop Wrap-Up

There are a number of activities, including a question-and-answer session at the end of the course where attendees can get their questions answered, and where they can make a plan for themselves about how to implement what they have picked up.

Paramount Training and Development knows the troubles of the new manager and the difficulty of running of a business.

There are things to larn about how to full increment the manager role in any way we posible and how we get the maximum productiv insantly and nevery skusing the qualy.

We create a New Manager Training program so that new empolyees get a good start the manager role and give them that to they my need to start right away.

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Date & Time

Tue May 20 2025 at 08:00 am to 12:00 pm


Sydney, Australia

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Training in SydneyParamount offer some of thebest training courses availablein Australia. We customise the training sessions to suit the participants every time, making it more effective and increasing the skill level on a needs basis.Employees enjoy our training sessions for several reasons:Interactive and MotivatingCustomisable and Edited to suit the needs of the individualQualified Trainers10 Years Experience in developing techniques within the training industryWith a range of different learning experiences, participants can also learn they way they wish. Some are visual, suditory and kinesthetic learners. Some prefer Experiential Learning or using the Impact system. With Paramount you can be assured of a better training session as you get to learn the best way for you.Our delivery can also be customised to suit your timeframe, needs, and objectives. Contact our training team inSydneyfor more details.
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