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Live Kundalini Awakening with Joy

Live Kundalini Awakening with Joy

Sep 17, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020
Live Kundalini Awakening with Joy

Time Thu Sep 17 2020 at 06:30 pm to Thu Dec 10 2020 at 09:30 pm

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Maestri Towers, 51/515 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia

AUD 50
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Live Kundalini Awakening with Joy | Event in Sydney | Live Kundalini Awakening with Joy
The continuous practice of kundalini meditation will raise the level of your consciousness. You will embark on the journey of finding you!

About this Event

I invite you to awaken the enormous hidden power that lies inside you.

Kundalini is also known as the 'goddess power' or the 'serpent power' located at the base of the spine. It is said to look like a coiled serpent, once awakened is like the key or the gateway to the high spiritual realm. The earliest mentioned of the practice was from a historical sacred Vedic collections dating back 1,000 - 500 B.C. When you tap into this energy it is said that you can gain profound insights, enhancing your understanding about yourself and others. Uncoiling the serpent awakens your Higher Self and access direct contact with the Divine. It is also said that it will expand the mind, enhance and develop your psychic awareness and strenghten intuition. Engaging the kundalini energises, cleanses and aligns the body centres or also known as 'chakras' allowing you to manage everyday stress levels as a result you are able to face the day with much greater ease and flow.

Join me and take your life into the next level by:

* Improving mental clarity, focus and sleep

* Cultivating your inner strength

* Feeling the power of the present moment

* Experiencing deeper connection with others

* Discovering your inner truth with joy and love

* Finding peace within yourself

* Receiving clear direction from your core purpose

* Integrating the body, mind and soul

What will you receive during the session?

* Brief explanation about the chakras or energy centres in our bodies, their function, associated body parts, colour and sound

* TIbetan bowl sound healing

* Crystal healing

* Kundalini activations

What may happen during the session?

You may feel a change of body temperature, particularly heat around one or some areas of your body. You may feel tremors, shaky uncontrollable involuntary movements. You may feel triggred by the music to release unexplainable emotions that evoke joy, anger, grief, sadness and fear so you may tear up, scream, laugh, sigh or cry. You may see visions of colours, places, people and animals. You may feel like you are in a dream like state. You may murmur sounds, hum to the music or utter unfamiliar sounds. You may feel like dancing or you may feel tingling around your body or you may be absolutely laying flat down motionless. What ever may arise just allow yourself to surrender and let the experience unfold for you. Please be mindful that everyone is different and the experience is quiet personal and unique to each individual.

What happens after the session?

There will be sharing after the meditation and you will be nurtured with home-made nourishing soup and healthy light snacks freshly prepared to help you integrate with ease and get a restful night sleep.

What is required on the day:

* No experience is required

* Bring our own yoga mat and a blanket for extra warmth if required

* Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes

* Come in with a curious mind and an open heart

* Have a light dinner or snack before arrival, empty stomach is ideal

* You will be required to close your eyes to the whole session so bring an eye mask if it helps keep eyes shut


Bookings are essential to secure your spot - ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

$50 from Eventbrite OR $55 on the door (if any spots left!)

What have others gained from the kundalini sessions with Joy:

Joy has such a warm, calm and knowing energy about her. It's very easy to relax and receive in her presence. I recently experienced a one on one Kundalini Activation with Joy. It was truly out of this world. I saw colours, geometric shapes, it was an out of body experience. I've been feeling an ongoing sense of bliss ever since. Thank you Joy, for holding space for my energy. I experienced true healing and expansion in our session. It was beautiful. - Shannon Clark

Joy has amazing style and grace with how she creates the space for her KAP, everything from the evocative sound tracks she sources to the essential oil aromas, to her careful attentive touch is all brought with pure love. I highly recommended the experience, I felt welcomed before I even entered her place - and the night ended with a nourishing meal and community feeling share - I truly felt a fullness that is still landing with me long afterwards . - Briony Pilkington

Thanks Joy for the experience last night. This was my first kundalini meditation in my life life and I felt so amazing afterwards. Joy when you started your playlist it was easy for me to relax and listen to it. Your voice and your place made me at ease so easily fell into the music ans I trusted the process. I normally can't deal with any loud music at work I get affected by it and my heart will beat fast but last night I surrendered! So in my meditation I was a bird flying with all the lights around me and when I heard the water I was a fish swimming in the ocean that felt like I'm home back in nature. When you started touching me and I felt your healing hands so warm and so gentle. Lastly, I usually have difficulty in sleeping but last night I slept like a baby. Today when I woke up I felt refreshed and ready to start a new day. Overall I am excited because I can see that I am moving towards a brand new chapter of my life. I highly recommend you to all my friends and clients that will benefit and love the kundalini meditation.- Maxime Lee

About the facilitator:

Joy Chau is the creator of Joy Collection. She is a Health and Wellness Stylist, a Kundalini trainer and an intuitive energy healer. Joy 's purpose is to help people express their authentic selves, find their truth and rediscover themselves through self love and acceptance so they can reach their highest potential. She has a vision to make people's lives clearer and brighter by helping them open up to through sound healing, music that alters brain wave patterns and a gentle touch that enhances to release trapped energies so they can feel good inside and out.

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General Admission AUD 50
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Nearby Hotels Maestri Towers, 51/515 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia
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Date & Time

Sep 17, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020
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Date & Time

Thu Sep 17 2020 at 06:30 pm to Thu Dec 10 2020 at 09:30 pm
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Maestri Towers, 51/515 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia


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