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ૐ Goa Sun x TripPin OuT w/ Phaxe & Hatikwa + Pagudea


ૐ Goa Sun x TripPin OuT w/ Phaxe & Hatikwa + Pagudea

!! Location Update & The Trippiest Deko Stuttgarts !!
plus mehr Platz zum Tanzen > plus extra Floor !!
in cooperation w/ ॐ GOA SUN ॐ & Pagudea Tribe
♥ Proggy - GoaTrance - FullOn - Darkpsy- HiTech ✮

!!GEWINNSPIEL!! 4x1 Freien Eintritt ?
> verlost unter allen die: 1. Event Teilen (öffentl.) >
2. Freunde einladen > 3. posting "Trippin Out" >
4. Seite liken:

♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ °
Phaxe / 432 Rec. Iboga Rec. Denmark
Hatikwa / Xonica Records, Berlin
Astray / Bionic Pie Sounds
Okin Shah / Delicatek Rec.
Gee Te / Goa Sun


♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ °
Zis0ky / Ankanate
Tafkai PagudeaTribe
Noctix / Dark Enlightment
Damntrickz / Pagudea
DJumanchi / Pagudea

deco by:
Goa Sun, Magic Moon & Pagudea
♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ °♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ♥ ૐ ✮
PHAXE - biography
Kevin aka Phaxe has gone from a no-name to an international player of the Progressive Trance elite within no time. Dropping his artist name Phaxe in 2007 provokes few, if any, reactions. Only 4 years later he has become a synonym for upper-league party music. Highly acclaimed live sets all around the world, applauded releases, and remixes for some of the scene’s biggest names tell an impressing success story. A story that makes the man from Copenhagen repeatedly being described as a “Progressive Prodigy”.

Looking back, the evolution of Phaxe`s sound is the history of a perfect storm brewing. It starts with excessive party weekends in the late 90s, awakening his interest in electronic music production. First creative steps are taken in front of a Nintendo gaming console. Eventually this new passion leads to a professional audio engineer training in 2006. These 3 stages of Phaxe’s career are still very noticeable today: His music is to-the-floor, playful, and high-quality in terms of sound.

This irresistible mixture is first to be heard in 2007 when a Phaxe track is released on IONO Music. One year later things take off: The title “Swing King” gains euphoric feedback from both party freaks and DJs worldwide. Within no time Phaxe is producing together with artists like Audiomatic, Morten Granau, Vice, Zyce, Flegma and many others. Great compliments are given to him when the still young producer is asked to remix some of his early Progressive Trance idols like Haldolium, Atmos and Symphonix. His long awaited debut album is signed on the prestigious label Iboga.

In addition to his solo activities, Phaxe keeps up a creative dialogue with some other producers - resulting in a great variety of sound and styles. Together with Morten Granau he is known as High & Mighty, delivering deep Progressive House. The name Sinister Silence stands for a mutual project with Dan Hessner and uplifting Progressive Trance. Last but not least there is O.T.B., a collaboration with Martin Daltoft of Vice.

Despite his impressive success story Phaxe always keeps a humorous and friendly attitude which is very noticeable when seeing him on stage. In this very situation his unbroken passion for Progressive Trance rubs off on the audience through vibrant sound waves.

☼ ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ☼ ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ☼ ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ☼ ♥ ૐ ✮ ☺ ° ☼ ♥ ૐ ✮

HATIKWA - biography
Clearing space, getting rid of clutter, and optimizing the flow of energies: These are the principles of Feng Shui, but it’s also a very precise description of the sound of Hatikwa. The producer from North Germany gained popularity for his minimalist approach towards Progressive Trance, an approach that might take different directions but that always proves to have compelling hypnotic powers.

Hatikwa is one of those artists who reached a career breakthrough via Social Media. It is 2009 when he plays his debut live act at Hamburg’s Lonely Forest Project, and this experience is such a rich source of inspiration that he creates a track and names it after that party. Once uploaded on YouTube, ‘Lonely Forest’ spreads rapidly and within no time the name Hatikwa is on the lips and on the Facebook profiles of Progressive Trance fans all over the world. Working with the netlabel Multiplex Records at the time multiplies the viral distribution of his music. After releasing some single tracks and digital EPs he drops his debut album ‘Point of View’ on Magical Sounds Records in 2013, a step that puts him even higher on the agenda – especially in the Progressive Trance hotspots Denmark, Germany and Switzerland where Hatikwa has a solid fanbase. Joining forces with his friends from Iris Music in 2014 creates a fertile synergy.

When it comes to production Hatikwa is extremely detail oriented. Sometimes it takes him months to finish a track because he’s just not quite satisfied with a single element. Like the music itself, this approach represents his signature style: Less is more, and quality surpasses quantity. Hatikwa knows exactly that a single sound can trigger the most profound emotions if it’s only in perfect tune, and if it only has enough space to unfold its unique vibration. Just like a spatial environment that has been designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, his sound creates an intense feeling of flowing harmony and effortless power – a highly energizing listening experience that can best be described as deeply psychedelic.

Back to the roots...and then a step further...


ૐ ✮ ☺ ♥ ° ☼ ૐ ✮ ☺
prod. by Trippin Out

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Map Proton The ClubKönigstr.49, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany, Stuttgart, Germany
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