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Upcoming Business Events in Spokane

Date Event Venue
29 Jul 2024 Tech & Toast with the Greater Spokane PCC Progressions Credit Union, Spokane
06 Aug 2024 Spokane Real Estate Investor Monthly MeetUp With Guest Speaker Networking The 808 On Sprague, Spokane
03 Aug 2024 Reptile Expo & Summer Event Northwest Seed & Pet (E Sprague Ave - Spokane WA)
06 Aug 2024 Ice Cream & Views Kendall Yards, Spokane
15 Aug 2024 ExZac Change & Matisse LIVE The Chameleon The Chameleon, Spokane
27 Jul 2024 Moms Night Out Big Reds Colbert Trading Company, Spokane
14 Sep 2024 BizFair 2024 - Spokane The Hive - A Spokane Public Library
05 Sep 2024 Rooted Expansion Expo 2024 People’s Park, Spokane
08 Aug 2024 2024 YP Spokane Summer Social Maryhill Winery Spokane
04 Oct 2024 Latina Health Symposium Eastern Washington Empire Health Foundation, Spokane

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In Spokane

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List of business venues in Spokane for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • Spark Central
  • StartUp Spokane
  • UW Spokane Center
  • Nectar at Kendall Yards
  • B Side Games
  • Regus Business Center
  • Nectar Wine and Beer in Kendall Yards
  • Business Centre/Hotel
  • TruVs
  • University of Washington Spokane Center
  • Maryhill Winery
  • Business Hotel / Regus Business Centre
  • Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards
  • The Centennial Hotel Spokane
  • Art Salvage
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