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New Moon :: Sacred Men's Circle :: Element WATER


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New Moon :: Sacred Men's Circle :: Element WATER

To sit in a circle is to sit with oneself, in company of fellow brothers with the same collective intention of communing with Athma, the Divine within.

? New Moon ?Sacred Men's Circle ? WATER Elemental ?

There has been a rising number of men feeling isolated and this has affected our ability to relate and thrive in our daily lives.

We are aiming to create authentic conversations aimed at releasing oneself from isolation and disconnectedness. A new breed and look at masculinity where we are not limited by expectations of peers, family and society.

"You can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you."

Change can only happen from within. But you are not alone. A safe space of confidentiality and camaraderie is here to support you.

This gathering of men will be inspired by elemental & tribal practices that has effectively supported men before us.

.:. Focus .:.
?A coming together of men from different walks of life that share the burdens and blessings of being men.
?Learning how to be in the world in a different way that is based in the moment and that allows a wider range of responses.
?Learning how to share the deeper parts of ourselves with other men without shame or guilt.
?Learning how to clarify and state our wants and needs as men.
?Opening to the possibilities of life versus miming the social and familial roles and rules assigned to us as male children, adolescents or adults.

? New Moon ?Sacred Men's Circle ? WATER Elemental ?
Date: 14/1/18, Sunday
Time: 6.40pm (please do not be late).
Where: 59A, Haji Lane
Limited to 10 brothers only.

6.15pm- Doors open, Preparing of the circle
? Come in early and be part of preparing our circle! ?
6.40pm sharp- Circle begins.

.:. Water Blessing and Purification .:.
?Water Blessing Mantra?

Japanése 日本の:

宇宙の 無限の 力が 凝り凝って 真の 
大和の み世が 生り成った

We pray for healing blessings on the waters
We pray for healing blessings on the sea
We pray for healing blessings on the rivers
That they may shine in crystal purity/flow in perfect harmony

This Japanese mantra 'The Great Invocation' was promoted by Dr. Masaru Emoto as a path into World Peace and for purifying the Waters of the Planet. This powerful Affirmation led us to a perfect alignment with the Great I AM by becoming sources of universal energy.

This Mantra was written by doctor Nobuo Shioya for focussing on the powerful connection to ourselves and the infinite power within us.

- Translation -
• English: "The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world of true and great harmony"

Harmony, Truth (true) and Greatness (great) are the powerful words that unify us in a extraordinary experience of magical connection to universal energy, to Life and to all the Universe. The eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself within us, which are united in meditation and prayer and it will be manifested into reality through our thoughts, emotions and intentions.

We are going to look into using ? water for support & purification and manifesting from the heart? with strong pure intentions?.

This is a monthly series of Men's Circles.

.:. Preparing Intentions - Journalling .:.
Prepare personal thoughts on your own EMOTIONAL NATURE (or lack of?).
-What these emotional processes are
-How they have/have not supported you;
-Which of these processes contribute to creating illusions
-How can we upgrade these processes to form a lasting and positive relationship with our triggers and associations.

Introductory Energy Exchange: $33
Limited spaces are available,
Kindly REGISTER via WhatsApp for this event,
hp: +65 96356353 (whatsapp only)
Facilitator: Omsira Barry
For any questions or more information, write to
barry | alternativestoresg ! com

What you can bring?
♥ A Journal
♥ Your own mug and eating utensils
♥ Wear comfortable clothes
♥ Something delicious to share

These guidelines are principles and practices that we do our best to honor, despite any difficulties we might encounter:

This simply means to share your truth, your experience and your feelings, as much as possible without blaming or judging others.
?Share your feelings more than your thinking.
?Own your story without projecting any consequences on anyone else in the world or blaming anyone for your past.
When talking or describing a situation use ‘I’ statements, instead of ‘you’ statements.
?Be concise and straight to the point. Avoid going too much into the drama. No one wants to listen to too much fluff, even if your story is beautiful or traumatic.
?Be aware of whether you are prolonging your time talking, out of a need to be listened to.
?On the other hand, it is absolutely fine to pass and to say nothing if you don’t feel moved to do so. Simply being there and compassionately listening is participation.
?Humour is fine and so is seriousness.
?Listen with Compassion
?Listen with your mind but feel deeply into what the other person is saying with your heart.
?Listen with love and compassion, with an open awareness, actively and deeply without judgment when listening to others, even if you disagree with what the person is saying.
?Do not interrupt the person speaking unless they ask for feedback.
Listening from the heart is a skill, which like any other, improves with practice. The practice of compassionate listening will improve over time and have a tremendous positive ripple effect through all your relationships in life.

Each of us:
?moves toward greater awareness of himself—his body, his feelings, his environment;
?learns to take ownership of his experience, rather than projecting them on to other;
?learns to be aware of his needs and to develop skills to satisfy himself without violating others;
?moves toward a fuller contact with his sensations, learning to smell, touch, hear, and see—to savor all aspects of himself;
?moves toward the experience of his power and the ability to support himself, rather than relying on whining, blaming or guilt-making in order to mobilize support from the environment;
?becomes sensitive to his surroundings, yet at the same time wears a coat of armor for situations which are potentially destructive or poisonous; learns to take responsibility for his actions and their consequences;
?feels comfortable with the awareness of his fantasy life and its expression.

?integrating conflicting intrapsychic polarities;
?becoming more aware of our sensory life;
?enrich and expand awareness;
?heightening awareness into excitement and action;
?achieve contact with ourselves and others;
?learn a comfortable way of withdrawing, of nourishing and renewing as a collective;
?learn to support ourselves with our whole beings;
?learn to flow smoothly through the awareness-excitement-contact cycle without serious blockage.

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