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Diploma in TransPersonal Regression Therapy - Module 1


Diploma in TransPersonal Regression Therapy - Module 1

For the first time in Singapore, ReDefine Wellness Academy presents TransPersonal Regression Therapy training with Hans Ten Dam, a renowned international trainer and pioneer in Regression Therapy.

Are you.....

A healing or wellness professional looking for a real shift?
Do you want to know how to achieve deeper permanent healing results with clients?
Do you or does your clients need coaching at a deeper level?
Do you know there is much more possibility in this profession?
Get certified as a Regression Therapist with a Diploma in Regression Therapy and Transpersonal Coaching by the internationally acclaimed The Earth Association for Regression Therapy

The Diploma is certified by TASSO International and gives you entrance into EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) and IPART (International Professional Association of Regression Therapists)

What is TransPersonal Regression Therapy

Regression therapy allows you to progress in life. Sometimes in life we encounter things that disturb our well feeling, things that block our existence or make us unhappy. Sometimes we even don’t understand our own behavior or the way we do things. It makes us unhappy, depressed, anxious…

Faster than other therapy, transpersonal regression therapy can change patterns and deep feelings in us and improve our life.

Regression is reliving experiences of the past that were the cause of, or initiated the current problems or behavior. Regression therapy uses reliving on a liberating way to elaborate not integrated feelings or to dig up forgotten positive feelings and dormant qualities.

Who is this for?

Alternative Therapists
Health Professionals
Wellness Professionals
Life Coaches & Counsellors
Energy Practitioners
Yoga Teachers & Therapists
OR are you someone who ….

Like to be rational, yet open to intuition;
Don't like to solve people's problems, yet like to help them to solve their own problems;
Like to project your therapy work as direct, focused, result-oriented,
Is are open to spirituality, but want to stay firm on the feet…
If so, then this course may be the right one for you!

How can I serve my clients as a Regression Therapist?

The workshop is designed for practioners to become a certified therapist that can help clients to achieve

Mental results: clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.

Emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions and expression of emotions.
Physical results: disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities and symptoms without medical explanation.
Spiritual results: finding balance in life, understanding things that happen around us. ‘knowing’ instead of believing.
If I don't want to become a therapist?

This workshop allows you to deepen your understanding of your own psyche, behaviours, emotions and helps you to heal from deep with-in.

Brief Details and highlights of the Course :

The Diploma course is a 6-module curriculum and helps individuals aspiring to be Regression Therapists get maximum practice during the 18 months programme.

The modules are designed and delivered progressively where skill-set enhancement is guaranteed. The content of the modules include:

Module 1 : Introduction to concepts and therapy approaches

Module 2 : Energetic regression therapy, aura­exploration, energy work, soul retrieval, physical traumas and childhood traumas

Module 3: Incarnation problems, life plan and life choices releasing attachments

Module 4: Past­ Life regression therapy with positive and negative past lifetimes

Module 5: Past­ Life regression therapy with complicated and karmic lifetimes prehuman lifetimes

Module 6: Transpersonal therapy

More details on the course modules will be shared during the talk.

Course Duration : 6 modules over 18 months

Course Accreditations

The course will be taught by internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, therapist and teacher, Hans Ten Dan ( And its certified by TASSO International and gives you entrance into EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) and IPART (International Professional Association of Regression Therapists)

About the Trainer - Hans TenDam

Hans TenDam —Teacher and Founder of TASSO Institute. He has been an independent management consultant since 1970. He graduated in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam. Already during his study, he entered into management development. From management development he moved into conflict resolution and into redesigning organizations and then into corporate strategy. He did international consultancy in strategic planning and strategic management. He has lived and worked for some time in New Zealand and in Brazil. Being interested in the literature about reincarnation, he stumbled more or less by accident into regression therapy and found he had a knack for it. He wrote a couple of books, a.o. Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing. See for his strategic books his blog. He is training consultants and therapists in more effective coaching methods in Europe, Asia and South America. He works in Dutch, English, Portuguese and German.

About Tasso Institute

Tasso Institute is internationally prominent in the field of regression therapy, offering training programs and workshops in transpersonal coaching and therapy. Tasso Institute played a key role in establishing the three-yearly World Congresses Regression Therapy (WCRT), in the foundation of the global association of regression therapists (EARTh), and the Body of Knowledge and Skills (BoKS) that is the reference for establishing, comparing and evaluating regression therapy schools.

Introductory Free talk

To know more about this course, you are welcome to attend our introductory free talk. The free talks are scheduled for 21st Jan 2019, 22nd March 2019, 31st May 2019, 28th June 2019, 26th July 2019 and 23rd Aug 2019

Call Pooja at 9727 6181 or Shirley at 9199 2684 or text us at aW5mbyB8IHJlZGVmaW5ld2VsbG5lc3MgISBhc2lh to reserve a place for the free talk. Seats are limited and is by first come first served.

Presented by ReDefine Wellness Academy

The course is hosted by ReDefine Wellness Academy, the education arm of ReDefine Wellness Pte Ltd, established as a wellness education center to help inspire, develop and support aspiring individuals. We support health and wellness professionals and therapists to harness and professionalize their skills in alternative wellness industry.

ReDefine Wellness Academy partners with wellness professionals and trainers with decades of experience in their respective fields, including the global association of regression therapists (EARTh), and the Body of Knowledge and Skills (BoKS) that is the reference for establishing, comparing and evaluating regression therapy schools.

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