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Art And Theatre Events In Singapore

Performances, Theatre Events And Art Exhibitions In Singapore

Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. You can learn various forms of art from dancing to sketching in Singapore. There are designated classes, drama workshops, and art events in Singapore for the same. If you just want to be a mere spectator you can attend theatre events and art exhibitions in Singapore too.

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad, nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting? Well, just explore through the art & theatre events in Singapore.

Upcoming Arts Events in Singapore

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    Art In Singapore

    Singapore, a place of lights is a combination of western modernity and Asian ethnicity and culture. Singapore is known for being one of the busiest and having a tax friendly environment. It is a combination of skyscrapers and subways of modern designs and architecture with a blend of Asian culture. Singapore is the only city-country in the world sports a tropical climate. It is for this reason that Singapore is also known as Garden City. This is how Singapore attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. People visiting Singapore mostly enjoy its tasty food, shopping malls, and vibrant nightlife. Apart from these factors, Singapore is a great place to visit for art lovers too. The city showcases its global level talent in arts through various events, museums, and art exhibitions in Singapore.

    Singapore Art Scene

    Singapore's art scene is a diverse and vibrant canvas that showcases the unity of the city's own talent with international art scenes. People visiting Singapore wanting to explore its art can visit national art hubs such as the National Gallery Singapore which has an unmatched collection of artworks from the nineteenth century to modern day. This place provides an insight into the artistic traditions of Singapore along with its heritage and history. Though National Gallery Singapore is one the biggest cultural space in the city there are many other small galleries and places too that a person with interest in art should visit. After exploring the art in Singapore people will conclude that art lies around every corner in Singapore.

    Places Of Art In Singapore

    Singapore has a lot of places to visit if you love food or shopping. Although if you happen to be an art lover then the city has many places, small or big to quench your thirst for art. Singapore Art Museum is a special place for local artists and is a perfect place for those love art. This place is completely dedicated to contemporary art and is home to the art of some of the most talented artists in Singapore. Singapore Art Museum and now is a place of great importance in terms of contemporary art collections. Art Science Museum is one world class place where science and art collide. This museum is known to host exhibitions which have art showcasing science in it. Most famous and permanent exhibitions being the ‘Future World'. On the other hand, the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore is a place to visit if you want to broaden your knowledge of contemporary art. Along with these monumental places of art, Singapore is also enriched with Art institutes and schools which give Art classes in Singapore to the people who are willing to develop their skills in art. National Design Centre is the nucleus for learning arts in Singapore.  

    Singapore Art Festivals

    Singapore is one of the busiest cities in the world and is filled with events such as Chinese New Year or Formula 1 races throughout the year. There are many festivals that happen across Singapore to celebrate art and give the artists a platform to showcase and experiment with their talent. Singapore Art Week is one such festival where creativity, beauty and bold new ways of perceiving art are celebrated. This event takes over the whole city with events spread all across the city's gallery, museums, and streets. Festivals like Light Singapore where luminous works of art are showcased can be also visited. Check AllEvents to learn about all the events, festivals and art exhibitions in Singapore.