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A Sedona Experience Perspective-Shifting Workshop


A Sedona Experience Perspective-Shifting Workshop

Undergo a Profound and Transformative Shift-of-Conception to Gain Awareness

A Sedona Experience Perspective-Shifting WorkshopYou'll participate in two sessions, each approximately four hours long where you'll explore and stretch via interactive participation with questions, responses to the experiences and perspectives presented, and feedback as we progress through the various exercises of the workshop, including content via audio, spoken and printed material. TakeAway and/or overview sessions will be outdoors, weather permitting. All materials provided.

The Perfect SurroundingsThis Workshop is Structured as a Journey, like a Good Story, where the Participant (hero) is presented with Challenges to get to Resolution and Transformation. Your Hero's-Journey requires a Willingness to tackle Deep Assumptions and Beliefs, as we will Perspective-Shift on Profound (potentially sensitive) Topics Resulting in a New View of Yourself and the World.This Progression of the Participant's-Path will cover a Range of Perspective-Shifts and Topics from Superlative Moods to the Ten Commandments to Spirituality and how we Relate to Life and Ourselves.

A Significant ExperienceA Participant commented on the Experience by saying, “I'm reminded of something I heard a long time ago: 'You won't really play golf until you envision swinging the club like a wet rope.' It's that kind of deep mindset change that happens here.” - The Workshop does exactly that, we bring about Profound Conception-Shifts which are Powerful and Transformative, leading to actual Usefulness and Value.Large groups will be in alternate locations in Sedona as appropriate.

Participant Benefits and ValueMeaningful for YouFun and EnjoyablePurposeful.Deep and Profound ValueLife-Changing and TransformativeEye-Opening Insights, Discernments, UnderstandingsActual Real Tangible Results to Take HomeSignificant Perspective-ShiftsA New View of Self and the WorldExtending and Impactful Self-DiscoveryTake-Home Action-ListsPractical Usefulness by Bringing The More into Everyday Living(Powered by: The A+ Philosophy.)

Testimonial TakeAway“From A Sedona Experience Perspective-Shifting Workshop I experienced profound personal transformation. I learned that we need to question received wisdom a bit more than we have. Now I feel more confident about picking and choosing what is useful or not. It's significant to truly think for oneself and look for new things to question deeply. It was valuable having iconoclastic examples with which to practise thinking about what I really think.Discovered that think and feel go together, instead of think first and feel later. Asking "Does it feel right?" is a powerful complement to impeccable thinking. Just acting on a feeling can mask our underlying thinking, which is there whether we are Aware of it or not. So it's more Appropriate to be aware of our thinking and feeling at the same time. Essentially the biggest life change was learning to leverage thinking and feeling, to experience the sublime in the mundane everywhere.I give it 5/5 stars. Highly recommended.” - Mandy Greeff“Went into the workshop not knowing what to expect or what perspective shifting was. Turned out to be a real eye opening experience and changed the way I look at a lot of day to day situations and decisions. Highly recommend and a very interesting plot twist!” - Robin Buber

Workshop TimelineDay 1:9:00am - Arrival, Introductions.9:30am - Audio Overview, Exercise 1, Questions.10:00am - Exercise 2, Initial Formulations.10:30am - Recap Exercise 2B, Questions.11:00am - Personalized Application, Exercise 3.11:30am - Questions, Audio Close, TakeAway.12:30pm – Reflection Walk or Short Hike.Day 2:9:00am - Audio, Exercise 4, Fine Tuning.9:30am - Exercise 4B, Audio.10:00am – Finalizing, Perspectives, Questions.10:30am - How-To Summation & TakeAway, Exercise 5.11:00am - Exercise 6, Practical Application, Audio.11:30am - Overview TakeAway, Sharing, Reflection.12:30pm – Outdoor Communion and Application.

Workshop Originators and PresentersLong-time collaborators and philosopher-authors Elevia DeNobelia and Syl Sabastian have developed an extensive and cohesive Practical-Philosophy, which they not only live, but share in various ways.m such as their books, workshops and courses. All content stems from their A+ Philosophy.This deep, purposeful and connecting Philosophy emphasises usability and practical application through a focus on core-concepts regarding character and life-perspectives. Over time they will share this comprehensive World-View in specific workshops. Subscribe to the mailing list for content updates, new book releases, workshops dates, etc.

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