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Living Intuitively  -  12 week Online Event & Work Group

Living Intuitively - 12 week Online Event & Work Group

Oct 05, 2021 - Dec 21, 2021

Living Intuitively - 12 week Online Event & Work Group

Time Tue Oct 05 2021 at 08:30 am to Tue Dec 21 2021 at 09:30 am

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Santa Ana, United States

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USD 99

Living Intuitively  -  12 week Online Event & Work Group | Event in Santa Ana | Living Intuitively - 12 week Online Event & Work Group
Living Intuitively and Going Deeper (Our 3rd round)

About this Event


Going Deeper

Intuition and the focused use of attention are becoming the most sought-after and necessary skills for adapting and taking advantage of the increasing vibration of both your body and the world around you.

What am I being shown? Am I listening?

Fiona and Nina bring you to new levels of intuition that support attunement to your place within the whole.

You will find yourself in a natural and easeful flow of life that brings you closer to your fullest expression and potential, the fulfillment of your purpose in this life!

Join us as we share and explore practices, techniques, and tools to sharpen your intuitive skills. Be surprised and delighted as you witness your profound personal growth.

A 12 Week Interactive Workgroup on Zoom

Tuesday's at 8:30 AM Pacific / 10:30 AM Central / 11:30 AM Eastern / 3:30 PM GMT beginning October 5th, 2021


Nina J Patrick and Fiona Robertson

Week 1

Recognizing Intuition

Discover the reasons for going deeper with your intuition

Learn more about the different types of intuition

Learn techniques and practices to amplify intuition based on your individual type

Week 2

Choosing Intuition

See the perception of your situation of the world and of your relationships

Experience the difference between concentration versus flow

Explore the superconscious, conscious, and subconscious mind

Week 3

Aligning with the Creative Cycle

Learn traits of highly creative people

Discover additional techniques and practices to nurture your creativity

Experience yourself in the creation cycle

Rank areas of focus

Week 4

Unlocking the Secrets of Superconscious Mind

You’ve been asked to glimpse the unseen realms for here you know the underlying truth

Dialogue with your subconscious block

Your point of waking up - There is more to life than you first thought!

Week 5

Becoming aware of the invisible

Discover the invisible in your home, garden, and office and make adjustments if needed utilizing your intuition

Learn how to become more aware of helpers in other dimensions and realms

Week 6

Hearing Your Body Talk

The physical body is the key to direct knowing

When in doubt – read the body

Making the best choices

Week 7

Harnessing Dreams and Imagination

Working with symbols

Learn more about the power of twilight, or the turn between waking and sleep

Week 8

Receiving Superconscious guidance

More ways to ask for assistance

12 Steps to receive soul guidance

Phrasing your question to receive answers

Week 9

Applying Intuition Everyday

Continue to discover the ways intuition can improve communications, help you make decisions, help you heal yourself, and help you manifest what you need.

Week 10

Staying in the Flow

Experience how effortlessly intuitive support arises

Tools, techniques & tricks to real inner discovery

Week 11

Delving Deeper

Moving Beyond Coincidence and Synchronicity

Exploring the Quantum Field and the Miraculous

Week 12

Delving Deeper

See how far you have journeyed on this path and explore the next steps


Currently residing in a northern lakefront suburb of Chicago Nina is a founder and director of the Milagro (Miracle) World Center and Milagros de Mundi (Miracles of the World) Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Both MWC and MMF offer education, events, retreats, and a variety of programs and initiatives including Wild Raspberry Resale a newly expanded resale shop and donation center in the Chicago suburbs.

Nina is in service to personal and social transformation Her passion lies in exploring the fuller capacities of humankind in deeply connected community space, and through co-creative visionary projects.


Currently residing in Southwest France, Fiona Robertson is The Body Re-Newer and listens to the whispers of your body. An experienced detox specialist for over 2O years helping you release mental, emotional as well as physical debris. Fiona alters your body chemistry, hormones and creates with you a new relationship and extraordinary connection with your body. Getting to the root cause of eating disorders and persistent physical symptoms.

Fiona’s Soul aim is to help you feel better, more alive, happier and connected to your body every day. Firstly by listening, tuning into, and feeding your soul what she wants, needs, and lacks the most, so that you can quickly and easily get to the root cause of symptoms from weight to sciatica. You get to let go of old damaging habits the persistent physical symptoms you carry.

She is passionate about showing you how to listen and translate your gut intuition, and communicate with your soul so that every situation and circumstance you face can have a positive outcome

Fiona is the creator of the 'Home Detox Box' an easy to follow 7 day DIY cleansing program you can do from home. A way to prepare the body for receiving better intuition. She runs regular cleansing and detox retreats here in S.W. France and really enjoys seeing her guests transform and become soulful in one week.

The Body Whisperer, an intuitive health and life worth living coach and healer, Helping you access your own Practical Magic that you have at your fingertips.

She speaks the language of the body and has helped thousands reconnect with their body, and understand their own intuitive guidance coming directly through as physical symptoms, financial issues, and relationship conflicts as messages from your soul.

Fiona gets to the heart of the matter with health, and physical symptoms from weight to sciatica, and unravels the signs being received as she guides you to do the same. She changes your perceptions of the problems and the struggles you face to see them as the gift they came to show you so that you can quickly and easily evolve past the thought, emotion or energy creating the problem

She re-educates you how to tune into your own intuition, and access Practical Magic, living intuitively with spiritual coaching. This is how to know yourself having a new relationship with your NEW body, a NEW way with money and experience NEW ways to relate soulfully with.

Author of Practical Magic and teacher of accessing intuition at all levels with online programs. The creator of the Retreat Biarritz, a 7 day deep dive retreat where she lives in Southwest France and the popular Home Detox Box helping you to prepare to receive spiritual assistance and be a clear channel for intuition and your soul messages.

Fiona shares stories of Practical Magic happening in her everyday life, such as how she came to find herself back in the very same village in France, where she was captured and persecuted as one of the 600 women who were burnt or drowned for being witches in 1609. Now returned here by a twist of fate where her intuition called her to move across Europe and settle in this same village again.


The Milagro World Center and Milagros De Mundi Foundation's Mission is to provide education, events and community space dedicated to profound personal growth.

Our Focus is on the expanded capacities of the new human and new society, the experience of our shared humanity, compassionate stewardship, and organizational development that advances consciousness toward solutions for a better future.

Our Programs provide tangible tools for you to rekindle purpose, build resiliency, and cultivate personal well-being all contributing to long-term societal well-being.

We Advocate the miracle of humanity's potential to create a world that works for all life.


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Tue Oct 05 2021 at 08:30 am to Tue Dec 21 2021 at 09:30 am
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Santa Ana, United States

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