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Learn to Design and Apply Your Makeup Like a Professional Makeup Artist
 Love Your Own Reflection
Look & Feel Like the Star of Your Own Life!

APRIL 28, 2018
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

• Do you ever wish you had a PERSONAL MAKEUP ARTIST on hand to always show you the SECRETS, tips, and techniques used to help celebrities look your own authentic version of RED CARPET READY?
•Are you frustrated with endless "MAKEUP TUTORIALS" that are flashy and fun but don't really teach you anything?
• Do you wish there were a FOOL-PROOF way to know which colors of makeup AUTOMATICALLY make you look your best?
• Are you sick of SPENDING MONEY on makeup that doesn't look good on you, is hard to use, or just plain DOESN'T WORK?
• Are you CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED by all the different colors, formulas, and brands of makeup, and just wish someone could TRANSLATE it all for you once and for all?
•Are you tired of COMPARING yourself to the unrealistic, profit-driven "ideal" of beauty glorified by the media?

Come spend a day with Tara Starling, Celebrity Makeup Artist, #1 Best-Selling Author, and Beauty Architect, where she will give you the blueprints, tools, techniques and truths to:
-Look vibrant, radiant, and healthy...at every age!
-Apply your makeup like a professional makeup artist...quickly and easily!
-Know which products will work best for you...regardless of brand!
-Create various fabulous looks for different events and occasions...without any guess work!
-Choose the makeup colors that are perfect for you...every time!
-Save hundreds of dollars on makeup...stop wasting time and money!
-Debunk the dangerous beauty myth of the media...discover how beautiful you already are!
-Use makeup as a tool instead of a trap...magnify your unique beauty instead of masking your insecurities!

 "Makeup is so much more than eyeshadow and lipstick...it is a powerful communication tool that allows us to visually tell our own story and let the impact of our image match the power of our message."
                                                                                                                                                      ~Tara Starling

   As a Celebrity Makeup Artist in film and televison with 20 years of experience, Tara is an expert in using makeup to not only enhance and accentuate a woman's natural beauty, but also to design powerful personal branding that creates a truly authentic look which accurately and intstantly communicates the best of who you really are!
In this intensive one-day workshop, you will learn the top secrets that Hollywood makeup artists like Tara use to give actresses, models, and musicians their  "A-List" looks, like:
•Color Theory: How to choose the right color of every product, every time
•Formulas, Properties, and Interplay: Why certain products act they way they do with each other, and how to make it work for you
•The Perfect Tools for the Job: How to choose them, use them, and care for them
•The Visual Lexicon: Why certain colors, textures, and finishes in makeup visually communicate different things
•Highlight and Shadow: How to define, refine, emphasize and enhance every feature on any face
•Brush Strokes: How to use your makeup brushes to effortlessly create the desired effect
•Blending: Why it is so important, and how to do it correctly
•Application Technique: How to make your makeup look refined and flawless
•Personalization: How to successfully customize current trends for yourself

"Once a woman learns the individual letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make, she can write practically anything. Makeup is the same way...once a women learns the fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques, she can become her very own makeup artist, giving her unlimited ability and freedom to express her own unique and true beauty." ~Tara Starling

Until now, the secrets, tricks, and techniques used to make models and actresses look "Red-Carpet-Ready" have been available only to professional makeup artists who pay thousands of dollars to attend special training schools in Los Angeles and New York.   
 At the Celebrity True Beauty Mini-Bootcamp, Tara Starling offers these transformative secrets to women from every walk of life, giving them the ability to showcase their own beauty in a way that is authentic and unforgettable! 
Learn from Tara's vast experience and knowledge how to avoid, navigate, and fix these common makeup frustrations:
-How to contour without looking like a cartoon character!
-How to pick the perfect shade of foundation in 30 seconds!
-How to keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading!
-How to choose the right makeup brushes, and how to use them!
-How to keep your lipstick or lipgloss from bleeding and feathering!
-How to keep your mascara from clumping!
-How to make your makeup look natural!
-How to choose the perfect shade of lipstick or lipgloss!
-How to make your eyeliner stay put!
-How to make your makeup last all day!
-How to find the perfect blush!
-How to make blemishes disappear without piling on heavy makeup!
-How to choose the perfect eyeshadow colors!
-How to avoid getting that white line inside your lips after applying lipstick!
-What-in-the-world to do with bronzer!
-How to choose the type of foundation that makes you look healthy and vibrant!
-How to modify current makeup trends so they are flattering on you!
 Tara Starling, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Architect

Tara Starling has been a celebrity makeup artist in the Hollywood film & television industry for over 20 years, working with some of the world’s top actors, musicians, and athletes.  She has lent her talents to over 60 films, many of which have garnered Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Best Picture titles at film festivals the world over. Her work spans many genres, including film, television, music videos, commercial print, editorial, and corporate. Tara is known as The Beauty Architect, and her passion is empowering women with the blueprints and tools to
1) Debunk the Beauty Myths that trap them in self-destructive, self-limiting, and self-sabotaging beliefs about their Beauty, Worth and Power
2) Take Back their Beauty from the inside out so the way they present themselves on the outside reflects and magnifies the magnificence of who they are on the inside
3) Live as the Star of their Own Lives instead of merely an "extra" in their own movie, so that their message and purpose make it onto the "big screen" and the world is blessed by their gifts, talents, and passion.
 Tara imbues her teaching with genuine warmth, passion and humor, using state-of-the-art high-definition demonstration media to ensure that every woman attending the workshop leaves with the knowledge and know-how empowering her to be her own best brand of beautiful!

"True Makeup Artistry is not about trying to look like someone else or conform your self to another's narrow definition of Beauty. True Makeup Artistry is achieved when a woman expresses her own unique beauty in a way that is polished, authentic, and unforgetable" ~Tara Starling

Spend an exciting day that will not only give you the skills to master the way you do your own makeup, but will liberate and inspire the way you think about your own beauty.  
Learn to become your own makeup artist, and discover the "tricks" to:
•Look refreshed, rested, and invigorated in seconds!
•Shape and maintain the perfect eyebrows for your face!
•Create luscious eyelashes!
•Go from a day look to an evening look in minutes!
•Brighten and enlarge your eyes instantly!


What people are saying about Tara:
"My authentic image was just not connected to who I really was and what I was trying to share with the world.  Tara taught me what to use and how to use it. But it wasn't that "take-away" training that shifted me. No, it was Tara's amazing ability to help me connect myself to my own beauty. Tara has that gift of helping you realize that it's your authenticity and uniqueness that make you beautiful.  This is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself."  -Anne Webb, Ideal Life Vision
"I had Tara speak at one of my women's conferences and people who attended are still telling me months later how it made a profound impact on them.  She is a compelling, moving and articulate speaker who is deeply connected to her message, which creates a deep connection with her audience. I completely trust Tara with creating an impact on my attendees..." ~Angela Johnson Soul Vision Business Strategist 
"Tara Starling is one of the most captivating speakers I have seen in a long time! Not only was her message powerful and much needed but it is a message that can change generations to come in a matter of moments!" ~Marilyn Sorensen, Life Purpose Navigator

In this integrated workshop setting, Tara distills her experience from over 20 years working as a Celebrity Makeup Artist on award-winning movies and tv shows into a framework that is easy to understand, internalize, and execute. You will leave with the knowledge not just to do a couple of "makeup looks", but to become your very own makeup artist, and express your beauty in a way that perfectly and authentically fits your personality, your style, and your life! 




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