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The Yoga of Parenting A 7-part Yoga and Meditation Workshop Series

The Yoga of Parenting: A 7-part Yoga and Meditation Workshop Series

Aug 25, 2021 - Dec 01, 2021

The Yoga of Parenting: A 7-part Yoga and Meditation Workshop Series

Time Wed Aug 25 2021 at 06:00 pm to Wed Dec 01 2021 at 08:00 pm

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58 C. de San Justo, 58 Calle de San Justo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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USD 275

The Yoga of Parenting: A 7-part Yoga and Meditation Workshop Series | Event in San Juan | The Yoga of Parenting: A 7-part Yoga and Meditation Workshop Series
A workshop series to teach parents practical ways to connect more with their child(ren) through the lens of yoga philosophy.

About this Event

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and it is both exhausting and overwhelming. The challenges were magnified during Covid-19, when we are home 24/7 with our child(ren) with no external support and when we had to play a larger role in our child(ren)'s education. This is in addition to all the other stresses and worries that we are dealing with at this very unusual time.

Although we want the best for our child(ren) and we crave good connections with them, our parenting strategies often just seem to cause frustration and anxiety for everyone. With little guidance in our society about how to parent effectively, many of us end up yelling, reprimanding, threatening, and/or lecturing our kids on a consistent basis. These techniques tend to aggravate our relationships with our children, rather than strengthening them.

Through the lens of yoga philosophy, this workshop series not only offers practical tools to support letting go of the parenting patterns that do not serve our relationship with our child(ren), but also introduces new tools for more effective parenting, connection, and more peaceful cohabitation. We will also practice yoga, breathwork, meditation, and journaling, all of which can help us to hone more patience, reflection, and kindness in our everyday lives.

Below is a summary of each workshop (there are 7 in the series) :

Module 1: Why is parenting so hard and how can yoga guide our parenting?Wednesday August 25, 2021, 6-8pmIn this opening workshop, we will reflect on our biggest parenting challenges, we will consider the key concepts of yoga philosophy that apply to parenting, and we will learn about what kind of parenting styles borrow from the traditions of yoga philosophy.Self care: Breathing techniques

Module 2: Why am I triggered? Exploring our internal wounds from childhood and how they impact our parentingWednesday September 8, 2021, 6-8pmThe way we were raised and the insecurities we learned during childhood influence both how we parent our children and how we interact with our loved ones. These childhood experiences affect how we are triggered and how we react when things do not go according to plan. Additionally, societal norms influence the expectations we place on our children. We will explore the patterns we get stuck in as well as techniques to help break unconscious, negative cycles.Self care: Yoga

Module 3: Emotional intelligence: How to deal with our own emotions and how to support our children when they have big feelingsWednesday September 22, 2021, 6-8pmMost of us didn't learn emotional intelligence or how to deal with our emotions effectively. Instead, we simply stuff our feelings away without processing them. In this module, we will practice productive engagement with our own emotions rather than ignoring or denying them, so that we can avoid dumping these unprocessed feelings onto our children or other loved ones. We will also learn how to support our child(ren)'s emotional outbursts and how to "hold space" for them and their big feelings. Holding space is the practice of being there for someone without judging, criticizing, or commenting on their emotions or taking their behavior personally.Self care: Breath healing and emotional release

Module 4: Why is my child behaving like that? Compassionately looking at situations through our child(ren)'s eyesWednesday October 6, 2021, 6-8pmWhen our children or other loved ones are behaving “badly,” we often take it personally instead of looking at these occurrences from their perspectives. We will consider our children's needs and what they are trying to communicate through their behavior. We will also think about how our children might view us as parents and what kind of unintentional messages our parenting communicates to them. Understanding the underlying causes of our children’s behavior will help us to find compassion for them, even in their darkest moments. ​Self care: Meditation

Module 5: Act like the adult you want your children to become: how to encourage behavioral change through empowering our children, rather than through anger, shaming, and blamingWednesday October 20, 2021, 6-8pmStrategies of bribery and punishment may work sometimes, at least in getting temporary compliance. However, they often put our children on the defensive, escalate the situation, and cause anger and resentment. This module presents different, more compassionate, and kind approaches to encourage our children to adjust their behavior. This includes setting clear and consistent boundaries, natural consequences, involving children in finding solutions, and setting a good example with our own behavior. These alternative approaches allow us to establish a closer, less contentious relationships with our child(ren) and leads to more connection and cooperation in the long-term.Self care: Journaling

Module 6: The power of connection: How to connect more with your kidsWednesday November 10, 2021, 6-8pmThis module will focus on how to be more present and mindful in our relationships, how to listen and communicate more consciously with our children and how to lead by example instead of lecturing with words. We will also play with some creative ways to engage with children when they are resistant, and how to respond to them with connection in various scenarios that might be challenging.Self care: Laughter yoga

Module 7: Putting it all togetherWednesday December 1, 2021, 6-8pmWe will review what we have learned, identify areas of improvement in parent-child relationships during the previous classes, answer additional questions, and discuss areas that remain challenging. In addition, participants will receive resources that will help them to continue to learn, grow, and feel supported as parents going forward.Self Care: Yoga with breath work, meditation, journaling and a bit of laughter!

Each module will be 2-hours in length and will include some combination of yoga philosophy, movement, breathwork and/or meditation. The great thing about engaging in these materials in a bi-weekly workshop format, is that you will be able to practice the content of each module between workshops and you will be able to report back and/or ask questions about anything that arises in between sessions. ​​​

​What you will gain from this workshop series:Gift yourself with a a well-deserved biweekly break from parenting and other responsibilities. Pamper yourself with yoga and meditation, time and space for yourself, and journaling. Taking care of yourself will help you to become a better parent. In addition, reconsider traditional parenting strategies, and/or those that have been passed down from previous generations and become a more conscious parent. Pause, reflect, and learn how to approach family life with more presence, compassion, patience, and connection.

Cost:This package includes:*seven 2-hour parenting workshops;*practical guidance on parenting strategies that work to foster connection and joy with our families;*yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions and guidance on how to breathe and meditate;*time to reflect, journal, and share experiences with other parents;*practice exercises;*Whatsapp support between workshops;*connection with a community of other parents who want to find better connection with their child(ren);*a resource list.

This Early Bird Special is on offer prior to July 25, 2021:$275 for one person or $500 for a couple

Thereafter, the cost will be: $300 for one person or ​$550 for a couple

If you prefer not to pay the Eventbrite fees, please text me to make a payment on 310-227-9451. A sliding scale and scholarships are available.

Spaces are limited due to social distancing! Please also note that dates may be changed due to rain or other unforeseeable circumstances.

​About your instructor: Daniella Gould ​I used to be a mom who yelled and threatened my son (now 13 years old) because this was the behavior that was modeled to me. However, I always felt unsettled by my behavior and how this behavior might affect my son. In fact, the way I treated my son led me to criticize and doubt myself and my ability to be a good parent. This frustration, in turn, led to feelings of more anger toward myself and my family, creating a vicious cycle. Once I made a concerted effort to apply the philosophy of yoga to my parenting, my approach to how I interact with my son, and how he responds, has changed. He feels more listened to and appreciated, and he has become much more helpful. Of course, family life still has its ups and downs, and I continue to learn every day. Incorporating yoga philosophy and principles has made me happier about my parenting approach. I’m a more confident and kind-hearted mother, and my connection with my son has grown.

​​Aside from being a mother, I own Santosa Yoga and Health in Condado, Puerto Rico. I teach public and private yoga, meditation, breathwork classes, workshops, and retreats. I like to incorporate yoga philosophy into all my work to help my students navigate the challenges of life. Parenting is often a struggle for many of us, so I am excited to offer this very practical training with guidelines to help really transform your relationship with your child(ren) whatever their age. Please come and join me to check out some parenting techniques that might just be life changing for you and for your kid(s).

What people are saying about Daniella and Santosa Yoga and Health workshops and retreats:

"I just wanted to make sure you knew that you contributed to a significant shift in my life and will be drawing on the workshop teachings for years to come. In fact, I hope the journey does not end here and that we can stay current in our parenting “practice” with you with more events, writing etc! Thank you so much for coming up with this idea and dedicating your time and energy to be of service to others" May 2021

"I found the material to be engaging and thoughtfully articulated. I was especially moved by the scenarios in which you demonstrated how we treat children but with adult scenarios. That really hit me. But there were so many major shifts that I had during the workshop, especially about the way I was parented and the way that society pressures us into parenting. The idea that we are not meant to teach lessons to our kids, only love them, was mind-blowing to me" May 2021

"These past few days, I have integrated your suggestions and lifted punishments. I’m trying to be firm with boundaries and limits, but playful most of the time. And… you guessed it, [she] is doing so much better" December 2020

"My girls have reported that they appreciate the fact that I’ve been yelling less. And a couple of times, I’ve had to take a break before reacting and my [older daughter] said “oh, OK. Mom is doing her deep breathing again” November 2020

​"Waiting and not reacting to stuff is continuing to really help me a lot, just that alone. Not feeling like I always have to be intervening in or monitoring what’s going on. Everything around my household, including my husband has calmed down. Also this class is helping me to really accept my daughter as her own person, not as an extension of me" November 2020

"I’m so grateful of this opportunity to grow as a mother; as a person really, because these teachings can be applied to all relationships" November 2020

"Well thought out workshop. Daniella has done the research and it shows. She delivers it from the perspective of her own personal experience as a mom and yoga teacher, which provide valuable insight one cannot get from merely reading parenting books. What really makes her stand our for me is her humanity. She willingly provided sound parenting advice to my sister after the workshop even though she did not take part in it. Really no better mix of ingredients. I would repeat any time and recommend it to anyone interested in receiving unique perspectives on parenting" February 2020

“This retreat has surpassed my wildest hopes! This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and it solved some issues I’ve been stuck on” October 2019

“I really appreciate your calm and balanced approach to our topics” October 2019

“Thank you for leading by example” October 2019

“You being you inspires others to be better versions of themselves” February 2019

“Thank you for being you – you continue to teach me not to be so hard on myself. I appreciate you ?” February 2019

“Thank you for providing such a stimulating environment giving me the time and stimulation to reflect. Much needed” February 2019

​These workshops will be practical, interactive, fun, and down to earth. They will help you with your relationship with yourself, your child(ren). and with other people in your life. Open and applicable to parents with children of all ages, but you don’t need to have children in order to attend this retreat. Parents-to-be, and people who want to improve other relationships by reflecting on how they were parented, are all welcome. These workshops are suitable for all adults, from complete beginners to advanced students of yoga.

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Wed Aug 25 2021 at 06:00 pm to Wed Dec 01 2021 at 08:00 pm
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58 C. de San Justo, 58 Calle de San Justo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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