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Morality Chain - Den Bosch - July 20th


Morality Chain - Den Bosch - July 20th

Before attending, please read carefully:

What’s going on?
A morality chain is a square formation of activists. At least one volunteer per side is holding a screen showing footage made in animal agriculture industry. The rest will have their hands “chained” to each other holding a sign with a RM truthbomb. (please note: this is symbolism, activists are not actually locked). Besides the chain, there will be activists reaching out to the public, leading them to a vegan conclusion.

We want to gain consciousness, by showing the public what is going on in animal agriculture, with our symbolism, texts on the signs and shirts, and the footage shown. We professionally approach bystanders who are interested, having as good as possible, positive conversations with them. With the outreaching we use the Socratic Method, using questions instead of just making statements we try to lead people to a vegan conclusion. We use outreach cards with more information about veganism, and to challenge the bystanders for a 22 day vegan challenge.

What are we wearing?
Everybody is wearing a black shirt or sweater. In order to make the best impact, we prefer everybody to either wear the shirt or sweater with the truthbomb sentence or the shirt/sweater with the RM logo, which are available in the following shop (please be aware of the delivery period stated in the shop):

If you don't have RM clothing, please wear a plain black shirt or sweater (without any message).

Facial coverage:
As for the activists standing in the chain, we all wear black surgeon masks. Those will be handed out by the organiser when going into the chain. Also wearing sunglasses is allowed!

Philosophy statement:
We promote nothing less than veganism. We like people making gestures, but we’ll ask them in a positive way what the next steps could be in order to eliminate animal cruelty out of their lives. We will always be non-violent and we will avoid negativity in any posible way.

Who can participate?
We’ll only allow vegans to outreach, as for the chain, vegetarians can participate in the demonstration. We’re not a vegan police, we trust people's own values.

Official clothing
The actions are at all times free to participate for everybody fitting the statement above. In order to all look united and recognizable we'd apreciate everybody to wear official RM clothing, but it's not mandatory.

How to participate:
1. Mark yourself "attending" if you're planning to come.
2. Make sure you've read everything about the action.
3. Show up at the right time at the right place.

What will not be accepted:
This is a NON-violent event. All kinds of violence, both physical and mental, will be strongly condemned, this also counts for racism, sexism, homophobia and all kinds of discrimination.

It also will not be allowed to use promotional material other than RM cards. Please do not use our campaigns to promote your own website or company. We're here for the animals.

What to bring?
First of all; as less as possible, we won’t allow bags in the middle of the chain, as this looks unprofessional. So please pack light, and wear your belongings in a backpack, if this is not possible, please contact the organiser to find a reasonable solution.

Second of all; if possible, please bring a device with the footage downloaded (you’ll find the link to the google drive below).

Last but not least: please bring a lovely smile and some motivation for the animals ♥




Please join our activist group:

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