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Upcoming Business Events in São Paulo

Date Event Venue
31 Jul 2024 Startup Founders Take the Guesswork out of Fundraising (2-Day Workshop) Moved to virtual event, São Paulo
07 Sep 2024 2 Conferncia Ezer 2024 Centro Cultural Vila Formosa, São Paulo
01 Oct 2024 Tcnicas de Aterramento SENAI - Anchieta, São Paulo
14 Dec 2024 H2HC - Hackers 2 Hackers Conference - 2024- 21 ANOS Novotel Center Norte, São Paulo
03 Aug 2024 Curso de Energia Solar em So Paulo SP nos dias 0308 e 04082024 LGL Solar Treinamentos, São Paulo
26 Jul 2024 Expo Empreendedor 2024 Expo Center Norte - Pavilhão Amarelo, São Paulo
20 Jul 2024 Curso de Energia Solar em So Paulo SP nos dias 2007 e 21072024 LGL Solar Treinamentos, São Paulo
30 Jul 2024 Curso Completo de Carro Eletrico em So Paulo nos dias 3007 e 31072024 LGL Solar Treinamentos, São Paulo
26 Jul 2024 Expo Startup 2024 Expo Center Norte - Pavilhão Amarelo, São Paulo
16 Sep 2024 Curso de Energia Solar em So Paulo SP nos dias 161718 e 19092024 LGL Solar Treinamentos, São Paulo

Brazil’s lifeline: Business in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, the capital city of nation’s most populous and wealthiest state is also the largest economy by GDP in Latin America and 11th largest in the world. The atmosphere of business in Sao Paulo has made the city to house 12 million people who are engaged in a wide range of employment activities and the city also provides a fertile ground for startups to establish themselves. Sao Paulo conferences that form a part of bigger business events, which are a thing of daily occurrence in the city. Sao Paulo business events also include countless seminars, business summits, and expos, which altogether form a great opportunity to showcase creative, innovative ideas and proves to be a good learning platform for business enthusiasts. Telecommunication being the most prioritized industry of Sao Paulo, it hosts a number of conferences like the Capacity LATAM, which is held at Palácio Tangará, São Paulo. The event is the meeting place for regional wholesale telecoms companies to buy or sell services in data, content delivery, VoIP, peering, SMS and more. Sao Paulo Conferences also include knowledge platforms like the Global Supply Chain that takes place at Sao Paulo Expo and features lectures about the working of the market and more.

Top centers for Business in Sao Paulo

With the outgrowth of a spectacular scene of business in Sao Paulo, the city has also witnessed growth in the number of venues and centers for business. Sao Paulo Corporate Towers located at Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek is one such place that serves the Sau Paulo conferences a great deal. The place is equipped with all modern amenities to organize an ideal business event. Another world class venue of the city is the e-Business Park located at Rua Werner Von Siemens, which is spread over an area of 160 thousand square meters. Here you can book the Espaço do Bosque, an event space, all glass and with a vista to an eight thousand square meters forest coverage.

Events that showcase the potential of business in Sao Paulo

The economy of Sao Paulo is taking giant strides of transformation. The vibrant financial city of Brazil is leaving its industrial character and moving forward to become a tertiary sector hub, focusing mainly on services. This change comes along with several annual business events that aim to bring together different players of industries on a common platform so that they can share their experience and work combinedly. To prove this, we have an event called Parks & Festivals Expo in which manufacturers and suppliers of the industry share a common platform to offer visitors thousands of new products and equipment. The aforementioned event is organized at the popular Expo Center Norte, São Paulo. The same venue is also known for hosting a trade fair called Expo Brasil Feira where a large mix of importers and variety of national industries come together to foster the development of business in Sao Paulo.

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In São Paulo

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List of business venues in São Paulo for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • inovabra habitat - Auditório - 10º andar
  • Via Academy
  • ESPM
  • AdvisorLAB
  • inovabra habitat - Lounge - 9º andar
  • inovabra habitat - Lounge - 9o andar
  • inovabra habitat - Auditório 2 - 10º andar
  • inovaBra habitat - Auditório 10º andar
  • Pergamon Hotel Frei Caneca Managed By AccorHotels
  • Sao Paulo
  • inovabra habitat - Auditório 1 - 10º andar
  • Lab Mundo Pensante
  • GS1 Brasil
  • Distrito Fintech
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