Newbuild  Education - Understanding Newbuild -0

Newbuild Education - Understanding Newbuild -0

Newbuild Education - Understanding Newbuild -0

Thu Jun 06 2024 at 09:00 am to 05:30 pm

TN1 1YL, Warwick Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

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Newbuild  Education - Understanding Newbuild -0, 6 June | Event in Royal Tunbridge Wells | About the event Newbuild Education - Understanding Newbuild -0
Join us at Newbuild property Education to learn all about the ins and outs of new construction projects!

About this Event

Newbuild Education - Understanding Newbuild -0

Date: 09/05/2024

Location: Kelly House, Warwick Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1YL

Understanding Newbuild

Entry level course - 0

This 1-day entry level course covers the understanding and overview into newbuild property, this provides you an oversight and understanding of what is needed to make your early steps into newbuild weather this is for your own self-build dream home, or you are finding a development to buy, raise the finance and build to sell or rent.

The day will talk through the below sections and provide you the templates and literature you need.

The Beginning Journey

  • Finding your first site and the steps to look for one, understanding how to offer, how to produce a full set of HOTS (Heads of terms) and understanding what each element is so you can utilise this when looking to make offers subject to contracts.
  • Understanding Commercial property into mix-use and advantages and pitfalls when valuing the scheme.
  • What to look for within your first development, brainstorming around options available to you.

Formation of the company

  • Setting up a Limited company yourself online and understanding the requirements over asking an accountant to do this.
  • Setting shareholders contribution agreements, why we do these, and understanding articles of association which forms a company.
  • Understanding the formation of SPV (special purpose vehicles) and why to do them.
  • Forming a group and why you would in property.

Understanding Newbuild

Entry level course - 0

The Numbers

We will look and dive deeper into sections which make up the numbers from budgeting for a build costs to producing a full appraisal document broken down into subsections, we will dive into all of these sub-category’s and discuss each one and the costs which could make these up.

Acquisition debt (Module .1)

  1. Land
  2. Legal Fees & Bank Fees
  3. CIL / S106
  4. Stamp (SDLT) calculating and budgeting stamp duty

Development debt (Module .2)

  1. Investigative opening-up works
  2. Construction build costs
  3. Incoming Services Electric / Water / phone / internet
  4. Build costs contingency 7.5% -10%

Lender fees (Module .3)

  1. Valuers (banks representatives)
  2. Monitoring surveyor initial reports & Monitoring surveyor valuations
  3. Commitment fee
  4. Redemption fee
  5. Interest
  6. Broker Fee
  7. Legal Fees

Professional fees (Module .4)

  1. Architectural
  2. Structural
  3. Mechanical & Electrical
  4. Project Manager, CA & QS
  5. Principle Designer (CDM)
  6. Party Wall (BO's Surveyor)
  7. Building Regulations
  8. Sound Test - DAA Group, SAP / EPC - Energy Test, Fan test / water calcs - Energy Test
  9. Name & Numbering
  10. Structural Warranty
  11. Surveys
  12. Planning condition fees
  13. Health & Safety

Interest (Module .5)

Sales & Marketing (Module .6)

  1. How to research
  2. How to budget
  3. What to include
  4. How to add safety nets to ensure your scheme is viable if a valuer downgrades the GDV (Gross development value)

Profits (Module .7)

  1. How these are formulated
  2. What do you include
  3. How to produce headline numbers

Funding (Module .8)

  1. How to raise funding
  2. Funding options & How funding works
  3. How to appoint a broker, what to ask for
  4. What paperwork must you provide a broker / and or banks
  5. Working out what capital you need for your project
  6. How to see it from the banks views

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Date & Time

Thu Jun 06 2024 at 09:00 am to 05:30 pm


TN1 1YL, Warwick Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Host Details
Liam Hopper
About The Host:
BIOI'm Liam and I'm the coach , I'm an active property developer who has started this journey like many of you with the vision to build my my first site, I have experience first hand in buying single sites, larger mixed use sites with commercial and residential split, and taking these from concept planning, ideas, through planning stages, into acquisition, exchange, completion, through bank funding and finally into the ground.Join me for an exciting education course event where we dive deep into the world of newbuild properties and I share with you many of my own experiences, pitfalls, and achievements. Whether you're a first-time buyer , investor, or starting a new chapter this event course is perfect for gaining valuable insights into the newbuild property market.I’m going to be telling you first hand how I started and found construction sites, produced the required data and research, to negotiating the scheme with banks and putting together the business plan and financial appraisals.My expert speakers and I will cover everything from the benefits of newbuilds to the potential pitfalls to watch out for. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and make informed decisions when it comes to newbuild properties.If I can educate you with some of my hindsight, I maybe able to make an impact and difference to your goals and success by introducing you to the paperwork and knowledge you need.I look forward to helping you reach your goals and dreams.Liam HopperThe missionis to provide you a short course of what is required in order to to start a newbuild site. Understand the hidden costs, produce an appraisal, and obtain a wider knowledge to navigate the process in your early stages.Remember that property development requires patience, resilience, and a willingness to continuously learn and adapt to changes in the market. It's a dynamic industry that offers both opportunities and many challenges, so staying informed and flexible will be key to your success as a property developer.Property development is a team effort, we will explain the importance of surrounding yourself with professionals such as architects, contractors, real estate agents, and lawyers who can help you navigate the complexities of the industry

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