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Yin Yoga, Mantra and Meditation Workshop


Yin Yoga, Mantra and Meditation Workshop

Workshop explorations...

Yoga Phylosophy
Pranayam (breathing techniques)
Mantra meaning and reasons to practice
Yin (restorative yoga) practice asana
What to bring

Yoga mat
The workshop will run at our beautiful property with an open space temple in Goonengerry (near Federal) Donations (recommended $20-30) or how much you can affor and can be payed on arrival in cash... Namaste :)

You can purchase your tickets here or pay cash on arrival

Yin Yoga workshop is carefully prepared series of restorative yoga postures to soothe and relax your nervous system is an excellent way to find more space and unwind on a Sunday.... Whether you are completely new for Yin or you just want to know more and discover the very depths of Yin practice, this workshop is for you. We will be talking about what it is and why it is so important to include it in your weekly practice while soaking into yummy poses. Program includes mantra chanting, tibetan bowl, incents, listening to soft indian music and a short meditation leading into Yin.

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect. In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang.

A Yin yoga class usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. The poses are held for up to five minutes, sometimes longer.

Yin yoga is for you if you are tired and craving energy or you’re over-stimulated and have too much energy; if your mind is overactive or your energy levels erratic.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with stimuli, stimuli that is available 24/7. It’s so easy to end up not switching off at all - to end up with a mind that is constantly busy processing all the information that’s thrown at it. Whether the information is good, valuable or rubbish, it doesn’t matter, the mind still needs to deal with it. The mind gets used to that amount of information and starts to crave stimuli if it becomes quiet. So we end up browsing, looking for stuff; it doesn’t matter what, as long as we fill the gaps. Gaps we really should allow to stay empty to find some sort of downtime - for the mind to stop and for you to just be.

Any kind of dynamic form of yoga caters to this aspect of keeping ourselves busy. Although the mind may calm down as a result of the active exercise, we are still feeding the part of us that craves intensity and wants to be stimulated. We just happen to have found ourselves a healthier stimulus! I am not saying cut out the dynamic yoga, I just think it’s a good idea to also balance all the on-the-go aspects of life and a great way to do that is through Yin Yoga.

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