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October 2022 Sandi & Wendy come back to Rome

October 2022: Sandi & Wendy come back to Rome!

Oct 15, 2022 - Oct 16, 2022

October 2022: Sandi & Wendy come back to Rome!

Time Sat Oct 15 2022 at 02:00 pm to Sun Oct 16 2022 at 08:00 pm

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Art Village, Via Aurelia 477,Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy


October 2022: Sandi & Wendy come back to Rome!, 15 October | Event in Rome | October 2022: Sandi & Wendy come back to Rome!

The Elegant Engagement tour is getting near and booking is now op. Places are limited!

October 15-16 Rome, ITALY
Contact: Erika dell' Acqua - ZXJpa2EgISBkZWxsICEgYWNxdWEgfCBnbWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==

Wendy Allen and Sandi Ball really don't need any introduction: you all know these beloved FCBD® Emeritae are some of the very best teachers and performers you could ever hope to study with on a worldwide scale. This will be the last tour before these incredible teachers retire.

These two legends of ATS®/FCBD®Style will lead us through a two-day intensive.
The event will take place at Art Village, via Aurelia, 477, 00165 Roma.

Here is our timeline, there might be variations:

Saturday 15

14:00 Registration. This will take just a moment, then you'll be free to mingle with the other dancers.
14:30 Gentle Warm-up for ATS® and Flow® with me, or stretch by yourself, or just check the vendors.

15:00 Workshops:

Painting the Music
Any good art piece can have many elements to intrigue and direct the viewer’s eyes – contrasts, content, mood, lines, shapes, color, and movement. This is also reflected in dance. We want the audience to “see” the music and be directed by our motions to understand the music. In order to do this, we must know the music so that we can react to it using ATS®/FCBD(r) Style improv. We will choose a couple of songs to learn and present and work in these creative elements. This is an advanced level workshop. Must have good skills in all ATS®/FCBD®Style moves.

The Devil Is in the Details: Teachers' Choice
This will be a real-time customized class, based on your needs.
You will be observed during an improvised performance or drill in ATS/FCBD(®) Style and we'll work on what is most needed to be focused on, from basic to advanced. There will be some breakdown of movement, but mostly review and refinement. So, bring your best technique and we'll make it even better! This will be a mixed level workshop with, at minimum, knowledge of ATS/FCBD(®) Style Level 1 moves and lead & follow concepts.

18:00 Splash your face, grab a drink of water, put on some lipstick and some flowers and get ready to dance together at the Hafla!

20:00 End of the Hafla


Sunday 16

11:00 Entrance: give a look to the vendors, chat and compare notes with the other dancers, review any questions about the material we went over yesterday you might have for the Teachers.

11:30 Follow me in a Gentle Warm-up for ATS/FCBD(®) Style and Flow® with me, or you can opt to stretch by yourself, or just check the vendors.

12:00 Workshops:

Where’s My Front?
Changing orientation from our proscenium standard to anything else can be a challenge. We’ll focus on how to assess a performance space and use ATS®/FCBD®Style group formations that allow us to face multiple-sided audiences, as well as, how to set up the chorus in these situations. This is an advanced workshop that focuses on presentation rather than technique.

The Devil Is in the Details: New Moves and Variations
Over the years, new moves and formations have been added to the classic ATS/FCBD(®) Style repertoire. We’ll look at FCBD®’s influence on the influx of new movement, as well as get into the challenging formation, Dueling Duets. This will be an intermediate to advanced workshop. Vol. 7 & 9 knowledge is helpful, but not required.

15:00 Gratitude Meditation/Puja as Closure of the Workshops. You'll have some time to give a last look at the goodies for sale, to exchange numbers with the new friends you made and to say goodbye.
We'll see you at the next return of Sandi and Wendy in Rome!

Booking is open !


The price of the Workshop is 300 euro at the moment, an early-bird price.
In order to keep the price contained without sacrificing quality this event is sold as a package of two days, without the option of buying a spot for one day or one seminar.
There are only 30 spots in total available and many are already taken.

You can book your spot by paying the entire amount through PayPal or Bank transfer, and this payment is non-refundable, should you renounce your spot (it would be, of course, if we organizers would have to postpone or cancel). In case you find yourself unable to participate after having booked your spot, you can resell your spot. I'll pass the news to the first person in line on the waiting list. If you resell it to someone outside of the waiting list, make very sure you warn me and give me the name of the new owner of the spot.
If you really wish to participate but you already know you would be able to attend only one day, we suggest you try to find a dancer that will share the cost and take the other day. Feel free to use the discussion area of this FB event.

This event is held in English and there will be no translation in Italian in order to maximize the time we have with Wendy and Sandi.

Bring a notebook and pen, water, shirt or choli, harem pants or yoga pants or similar comfortable dance gear, and a skirt.
Don't forget your Zills!
We'll see you in October!

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Nearby Hotels Art Village, Via Aurelia 477,Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy
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Sat Oct 15 2022 at 02:00 pm to Sun Oct 16 2022 at 08:00 pm
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Art Village, Via Aurelia 477,Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy

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