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Health & Wellness Events in Rio de Janeiro

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If there is anything that will stay with you until the end of your life, it is your body. Treat your body like a temple to your soul and it will never leave you till the last breath. Hit a gym or enroll for yoga classes in Rio de Janeiro. Perform strength and flexibility exercises. Heal your soul by learning the art of breathing techniques like pranayama or gong. Physical and Mental Health are interrelated and what could be better than getting to learn self-defense techniques, meditation, pilates, yoga

Health is the ultimate wealth. Check out the Health & Wellness Events in Rio de Janeiro.

Upcoming Health & Wellness Events in Rio de Janeiro

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    Revitalising Health-Wellness In Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city in Brazil, which is filled with fun, music, adventure, good food, and drink. The city is the home to an open seaside view that forms a major attraction of this place. And while you plan to explore the city’s various spots and attend numerous functions, festivals and more, you should not miss the health and wellness practices there. Like any other place in the world, health and wellness in Rio de Janeiro are one of the most important factors for the proper lifestyle. And to match with the people needs, the city organizes a number of exercising events including yoga in Rio de Janeiro. It is offered at all level such as beginners and intermediate and there is no restriction of age to join any of these classes. It teaches several styles of yoga and meditation, the core purpose of which is to achieve sound health and wellness in Rio de Janeiro. In short, Rio fitness may remain incomplete without including this wonderful traditional well-being practice.

    Gift of yoga in Rio de Janeiro

    The health and wellness in Rio de Janeiro include various events, the sole purpose of which is to distribute the significance of a healthy mind and soul. To start with this, the city has a number of events related to yoga, where it teaches diverse yoga practices to the locals as well as the visitors. It conducts an 8-week mindfulness programme where the main focus remains is to change the improper lifestyle that human being follows. It includes a weekly meeting for 8 weeks and also follows up with a visit to densely nature-oriented places where deep inhaling and stretching of body muscles are practised. Apart from that, there are many yoga classes conducted in this city and the top of the list is Shiva Shankara Yoga. It holds the root of traditional Indian practice at the same time offering a body-pain relieving workout. Apart from that, this studio of yoga in Rio de Janeiro also offers meditation programme every month in the uphills. The Brazil Yoga Weekend also takes place at the Brazil Beach Bliss Retreat where people are taught Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles. It conducts yoga classes on a daily basis and for the visitors along with three-nights accommodation.

    Mind-soothing meditation and hot yoga in Rio de Janeiro

    Yoga in Rio de Janeiro also includes the hot yoga practice, for which the room is heated to 40°C / 105°F. The place has a perfect and clean wooden floor that makes the practice a lot easier. Classes at the Rio wellness center are mostly conducted on Saturdays. In some of the classes, they invite people from all age group to practice meditation together in a calm and quiet environment. The people also practice yoga and meditation on the Ipanema beach. Meditation has gained equal importance in Brazil and in Rio De Janeiro, it is practiced at every stretch of the city. The terms ‘meditation’ is popularly known as Meditação in Rio De Janeiro. It follows the rules of ‘Dharma’ (righteous duty). The Vipassana meditation is also taught in this place, which is said to offer an insight into one’s nature and behavior of mind.