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Upcoming Business Events in Rio de Janeiro

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    Ameliorating atmosphere of Business in Rio de Janeiro

    The city of Rio attracted many companies to proliferate the potential of the region when it was the capital of Brazil. Public sector companies like Caixa Econômica Federal, National Economic, Petrobras and Eletrobras chose this city only to set up their headquarters. Moreover, even after the transfer of capital to Brasilia in 1960, the city remained the locale of many of the headquarters. Business Rio de Janeiro is also characterised by the agglomeration of a number of pharmaceutical and electronics companies. Besides the manufacturing sector, the positions of tourism and entertainment are also salient in Rio’s economic life. To boost the industrial development of the entire state, the state government has designated certain zones around the city’s contours as industrial districts where they have provided a high-quality infrastructure. All these factors have led to a rampant hike in hosting of business events in Rio de Janeiro. This also includes startup Rio meetup, which stands out as a great opportunity for amateur business enthusiasts. Business events in Rio de Janeiro not only serve the purpose for outgrowth of one’s business reach but also educate and motivate entrepreneurs to dive into the flourishing economy of the state.

    Top annual business events and conferences in Rio

    The city’s prominence in the economic growth of the entire nation is cleared by the fact that the Greater Rio has one of the highest per capita incomes in Brazil. The financial heart of the city, Downtown Rio is also the crux of the commercial Zona Central. Owing to the fact that Rio is a port city, the off-shore oil explorations and export-import via the sea route supplements the state’s international trade. This has resulted in featuring of a torrent of annual events, which assists business Rio de Janeiro. One such event is a trade-show called the Marintec South America organised at SulAmerica Convention Center. It brings together suppliers and partners deal in various cargo to scout the maritime market. Furthermore, conferences like the International Conference on Management, Economics & Social Science (ICMESS) that provides a platform to share knowledge about the recent trends in Economic and Social Science also forms a part of business events in Rio de Janeiro.

    Best places for business events in Rio de Janeiro

    With the ability to sustain the prospering business scene in Rio, business Rio de Janeiro is also fuelled by countless business parks. These event venues host all sorts of Rio conferences ranging from big corporate events to small startups. One such example is the Espaco Rio located at Rua Rosauro Estelita. This place is spread over an area of 6,000 square metres and has ample parking space. Alongside offering space for eventos corporativos in Rio de Janeiro, it also represents amenities-rich platforms for private events and small business gathering within a decent budgetary range.