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Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. You can learn various forms of art from dancing to sketching in Rio de Janeiro. There are designated classes, drama workshops, and art events in Rio de Janeiro for the same. If you just want to be a mere spectator you can attend theatre events and art exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro too.

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad, nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting? Well, just explore through the art & theatre events in Rio de Janeiro.

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The refreshing scene of Art in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the dream destination of many globetrotters and those who get pangs of wanderlust and has emerged as one of Brazil’s true cultural hotspots. Home to a wide collection of amazing Galeria de Arte Rio de Janeiro, incredible art museums, captivating street art illustrations, and architectural wonders replete with full-length windows, this city keeps art lovers ablaze with wonder and its aesthetics. Art in Rio de Janeiro spans both Contemporary and traditional artworks, which leave tourists craving for more in this bustling metropolis. The city also hosts many annual art events and festivals, crafted to perfection and they are popular worldwide. 

Top venues to savor art in Rio de Janeiro

The city is dotted with numerous picturesque museums and Galeria de Arte Rio de Janeiro, offering a variety of styles and shapes, which are a peep into the art and culture of this vibrant place. The Anita Schwartz Art Gallery in José Roberto Macedo Soares focuses on both propagation of Brazilian culture as well as amplification of dialogue between different cultures by promoting foreign artists. The long-established Artur Fidalgo Galeria de Arte Rio de Janeiro is a solitary escape from the constant bustle of the city. It features innovative and diverse works by both internationally-acclaimed and emerging artists. A Gentil Carioca aims at revitalizing artistic and political context by spreading Brazilian art.  The Museu de Arte Contemporanea Niteroi is a saucer-shaped architectural wonder from the outside, and an art fanatic’s paradise featuring an enthralling array of artworks inside. The Hall of Exhibitions, the viewing gallery, and the huge glass windows allowing natural light make for splendid views of the gallery and the intoxicating scenery out over the sea and mountains. The fairly new Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro is split between three massive buildings, all connected by a gigantic rooftop. This museum features over 3000 pieces of art, which are rotated in its exhibitions throughout the year to offer something new each time. The oldest of all, Museo de Arte Moderna or the Museum of Modern Art Rio located in the northeastern Flamengo Park offers comprehensive collections of timeless Brazilian art in existence. It has been a contemporary of artistic movements that have shaken the country and gave birth to much of modern and contemporary artists populating the international circuit as of now. It has emerged as a sanctum for debate, discussion, and reflection into Rio’s enriching culture. 

Famous art festival in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro hosts the world-famous Rio Carnival, which is an exquisite celebration of dance, music, art, and several costume gala balls. This popular art festival in Rio de Janeiro starts with the typical Rio Carnival parade filled with revelers, floats, and embellishments from various Samba schools located in the city. It starts on Friday and ends on the Ash Wednesday, with the Winners Parade. The Arte Core is a free festival hosted by the Museum of Modern Art, which celebrates the best of urban culture with art exhibitions, live musical and dance performances, workshops, and contests.

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