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Winter Solstic Yin and Sound

Winter Solstic Yin and Sound

Date: Dec 20th

Time: 6-730pm

Location: 111, 4919-49 Street. Lower Level of Imperial Block Building

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**please see terms at the bottom, all classes required payment upon registration


Cost: $26

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Host: Karina Cross and Santana

Karina will guide you through a gentle yin

Santana will play crystal singing bowls during your poses

Bring a yoga mat, cushions, bolsters, eye mask (if you need for savasana) and blanket

Dress comfortable and wear a hoodie or sweat shirt if you like as Yin is not a warm movement.

Min 4

Max 15

Class Details:

Join Karina in this soothing Yin Yoga flow. Taking you through the journey of connecting body and breath. The new moon is about manifesting and drawing in the energy you want.

Winter Solstic is a time when the earth is preparing for rebirth. Letting go of things that are no longer serving your higheset good, the things are ending or need to be ending. This will make way for rebirth in the spring, the Solstic is the ending so you can have new beginnings.

This class is great for beginngers! If you wanted to try yoga this is a community to try. Yoga is not something for only the flexible, this is a way to help your joints, muscles and to relax. Gain some physical strength in a gentle way. There is no body that yoga discriminates, it will work with you if you welcome the flow. Seeing your ability to achieve strengths you didn't think possible.

Bring a yoga mat, water, cushion and bolsters if you need.

We do have extra equipment if you are new and want to try out a yoga class. Yin Yoga can be cooler we recommend a hoodie to wear

Three reasons to try Yin Yoga

1. The yin practice can help the body restore range of motion.

For healthy range of motion, layers of connective tissue must allow muscles to glide over each other. But injury, habitual posture in daily life, and aging, among other factors can bind these connective tissues together, creating so-called adhesions and restricting that movement between the sliding surfaces of the muscles. Like a traffic jam, adhesions block the flow of nutrients and energy through the body, causing pain and limiting mobility. Holding poses that gently lengthen the muscles and fascia helps break up adhesions, and applying mild stress to joints and connective tissues can increase their range of motion.

2. Yin yoga revitalizes the tissues of the body.

Our body’s tissues can be revived by a good long soak the same way that an old, stiff sponge can. As you hold a yin pose, the subtle release that takes you deeper into the pose is the tissues lengthening, hydrating, and becoming more pliable. If you pay close attention, you can sense the tissues being stretched, squeezed, twisted, and compressed. A yin practice can leave you feeling as though you’ve had a massage.

3. Yin offers a unique opportunity to cultivate gratitude for the body.

The simplicity of a yin practice allows us to return to our bodies and to see clearly just how remarkable we really are. Journeying into the deeper layers of ourselves, we tune into our inner workings, connecting to respiratory and circulatory functions, internal organs, and sensations within the muscles and joints. This heightened awareness of the physiological processes of the body ultimately moves us closer to santosha, or contentment.

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Check out our website for all our practitioners, consignors and view the full calendar

***No refund if you cancel 48hrs prior to date. $10 from any paid registration is non refundable should you cancel at anytime. By registering for our class you agree to our terms and conditions which can be found on our website.

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