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BodyTalk Fundamentals Practitioner Training

BodyTalk Fundamentals Practitioner Training

Heal Naturally, Empower Yourself, Help Others

A Life Changing Tool for Families and Individuals

Easy to Learn, Fun to Practice, Amazing Results

BodyTalk integrates the latest discoveries in science, physiology, genetics, quantum physics, and eastern medicine wisdom. It engages the mind, it's gentle on the practitioner's body, utilizes your intuition, natural gifts, and talents.

Learn and Experience 40 Energy Techniques!
A glimpse of what you will learn to address:

Immediately reduce stress
Balance allergies
Improve gut-brain function
Environmental sensitivities
Reduce performance anxiety
Hormone balance
Mental focus and learning
Ease emotional wounds
Improve sleep patterns
Lymphatic circulation
Stress related cravings

Healthy digestion and elimination
Sports and exercise performance
Balance chakras and meridians
Safely work with scars & adhesions
Cellular repair
Relax tense muscles
Improve movement patterns
Enhance hydration of the cells
Improve healthy decision making
Increase overall vitality
Heart health

BodyTalk Fundamentals is open to people from all professions and backgrounds. Who Attends the BodyTalk Fundamental Course?

Holistic Practitioners
Massage Therapists
Social Workers
Health Advocates


Your Innate Healing System:
The innate healing system or innate wisdom, is the body's self-guided energy that naturally repairs, restores, synchronizes, and heals at all levels. The BodyTalk System™ is based on restoring communication and optimal function of the innate wisdom. A BodyTalk session provides insights to the areas of your body that need attention. As a result, the body's healing energy is redirected where it is needed most.

Priority vs. Symptoms
BodyTalk respects the body's own needs and priorities for healing. Instead of “chasing” symptoms, a BodyTalk practitioner addresses specific sequence of physical, emotional or energetic imbalances.

​ Confirm Your Intuition
Students will learn muscle checking, a gentle form of neuromuscular biofeedback which provides a "yes" or "no" response. Muscle checking identifies which areas of the body-mind need attention and confirms the practitioner’s intuition as they facilitate a session.

Mapping the Body-Mind
The BodyTalk protocol chart is a valuable resource and learning tool. This map of the body-mind integrates physical, emotions, beliefs, family genetics, immune, environmental sensitivities, and energetic factors. You will learn how to use the chart to facilitate a complete BodyTalk session.

​Global System and Outreach
The BodyTalk System is a dynamic, evolving, quantum approach to wellness taught in nine languages and in 35 countries. There are also BodyTalk outreach programs and humanitarian efforts benefiting people in various areas of the world who have limited or no access to healthcare of any kind. These programs enable families and communities to take care of their own health maintenance and many of their own basic healthcare needs.
BodyTalk System™ Website
Enjoy amazing results helping your clients, family and friends manage daily stress and enjoy optimal health

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Map Holiday Inn Express & Suites Rapid City I-90, 645 East Disk Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701, Rapid City, United States
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