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Pace & Lead The Art of Persuasion Leadership & Coaching

Pace & Lead: The Art of Persuasion: Leadership & Coaching

Jun 28, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021

Pace & Lead: The Art of Persuasion: Leadership & Coaching

Time Mon Jun 28 2021 at 05:00 pm to Wed Jun 30 2021 at 10:00 pm

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Life Coaching with MG, Ramadan 10 City, Egypt

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Pace & Lead: The Art of Persuasion: Leadership & Coaching, 28 June | Event in Ramadan 10 City | Pace & Lead: The Art of Persuasion: Leadership & Coaching
Office + Online attendance (zoom)

The Art of Persuasion & Influencing life around you.

*WAKE UP* - Understand yourself and the world
*CLEAN UP* - Your blockages your resistance
*GROW UP* - to meet your grace
*SHOW UP* - Influence the world

- Wake up to the model you use, enough facing resistance from those around you.
- Empower yourself, influence your relationships with this ancient brilliant model of influencing life through questioning and/or persuasion tact and techniques.

In this time phased program, Learn to be tactful over a period of 2 weeks, so you will have the time and guidance to practice the tools you get, and see the results for yourself.

- Through Intention in action.
- How to build trust & respect through goodwill.

- Boost people dopamine levels ( the leadership hormone)
- How to reduce people resistance.
- Learn win - Win
- How to motivate others.
- Positive psychology mind-set & paradigm.

- How to sell your ideas.
- Apply positive psychology & emotional intelligence in action.

الفنون الاساسية للاقناع:
استيقظ من غفلة طريقتك التقليدية للتعامل مع الاخرين لاقناعهم. و تجنب المقاومة و إهدار طاقاتك. تستطيع أن تقود الاخرين بسهولة و يسر.
مهارة اساسية لكل من يريد ان يكون مؤثرا فى دوائره و حياته:

- لكل قائد، مدير
- لكل كوتش،
- لكل زوج و زوجة
- لكل ام و اب
- لكل انسان يريد أن يؤثر فى الدوائر المحيطة به
- و يحيى فى سلام التفكير الايجابى المتوازن.

"ان للناس أكواخا من عقائدهم فلا تهدموها عليهم ولكن ابنوا لهم قصورا فاذا دخلوها هدموا أكواخهم بأيديهم "
لـــ الأمام على رضى الله عنه

- How to Apply this ancient wisdom:

Tact is the art of making your points, without making an enemy.
~ Isaac Newton

We build too many walls and not enough bridges.
~ Isaac Newton

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.
~ Francis Bacon

Cooperate with the inevitable.
~ Dale Carnegie

Learn the art of persuasion, Aristotle initiated it, other great philosophers followed up.

They set the grounds to win people to your way of thinking, smoothly, peacefully & tactfully leading your life.


This course is to manage & LEAD your Relationships in:

- Leaders & Managers with your teams
- Coaches with your clients
- Therapists with clients
- Parents with kids
- Spouses relationships
- Sales people.
- Inner-work individuals

Wake up to the limiting model you know, empower yourself, influence your relationships and /or your clients as a coach, with this brilliant model to influence people, through questioning and/or persuasion.

Time phased program:
Thu Jun. 25th
Fri. Jun. 26th
Thu. Jun. 27th

*Mobamed S.ElGhandour*
Integral Consciousness Development & Executive Leadership Coach

Location: Dokki,
Life Coaching with MG office
Zoom Online

Investment: LE. 3,700 (240$)#
*Clients rate: LE. 3,250 (210$)#

** Early Bird Rate: LE. 2,800 (180$)#
** Pay before Jun. 15th

Client + NEW friend LE. 2,800 (180$) each

#Dollar rate for outside Egypt.

Location: Dokki,
Life Coaching with MG office+ ONLINE (zoom)

* Client rate.
* A client is anyone who was once a client with my work, and paid money in a course, or in a private session, even if it was only once.

Booking and payment:
Book your place, please call now:
+20 100 2168242

- Cash in office. (Ask for address)
- Bank deposit (ask for account)
- Bank transfer (ask for account)
- Western union (ask for details)
- Vodafone cash ( 01002391610)

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Tickets for Pace & Lead: The Art of Persuasion: Leadership & Coaching can be booked here.

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Mon Jun 28 2021 at 05:00 pm to Wed Jun 30 2021 at 10:00 pm
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Life Coaching with MG, Ramadan 10 City, Egypt

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