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Upcoming Business Events in Raleigh

Date Event Venue
17 Jul 2024 Raleigh Career Fair and Candidate Networking Event. II Courtyard Raleigh Crabtree Valley
08 Jul 2024 Triangle Area Music Community Meetup The Pour House Music Hall & Record Shop, Raleigh
17 Aug 2024 Body Mind Spirit Celebration - Raleigh (Aug 17-18) NC State Fairgrounds, Exposition Center, Raleigh
11 Jul 2024 First Time Home Buyer Workshop 705 W North St, Raleigh
26 Jun 2024 Ridgewood Biz Palooza 1200 Ridge Rd, Raleigh
29 Jun 2024 Gangstas to Growers From At-Risk Youth to Farmers and Entrepreneurs 1600 Burgundy St, Raleigh
29 Jun 2024 DOLLS OF THE WORLD EXPO Hilton Raleigh North Hills
17 Jul 2024 Lets Talk About It Over Dinner & Drinks Topic FWB pt II UPTOWN DOGS, Raleigh
14 Nov 2024 Raleigh Career Fair Hilton, Raleigh
14 Sep 2024 North Carolina African Restaurant Week Festival 2024 TBA, Raleigh

Raleigh Business Scene

There are numerous annual Raleigh business events that enable and empower the people to keep up with the changing times and adapt the best practices suited to their business model. Global Growth Marketing Conference is a leading, globally-focused event featuring world-class thought leader speakers sharing their knowledge on growth strategies and tactics that drive rapid, cost-effective, and sustainable revenue and user growth. Internet Summit: Digital Marketing Conference is all about leading-edge digital media and marketing content, with the event also including networking opportunities with internet execs, online marketers, entrepreneurs, and digital strategists. Another key conference in Raleigh is the D&I Conference: Reimagine Diversity: Driving Cultural Intelligence, where the speakers, consultants, and thought leaders engage with the D&I leaders in a full day discussion on key concerns and controversial issues such as generational difference in the workplace, addressing unconscious bias for women and people of color & LGBTQ and more. Other annual conferences in Raleigh NC include TriAgile Conference, Cybersecurity Conference, ISPE-CaSA 2019 Technology Conference, Business Management Summit, PENC Conference and District 37 Annual Conference with a majority of these conferences venues in Raleigh like Holiday Inn, Raleigh Convention Center, Crabtree Marriot, Hampton Inn, and McKimmon Center.

Raleigh Startup Insider

Raleigh with its space and expertise and being a part of the Research Triangle (UNC, Duke and NC), is the next big startup destination. The low cost of living and co-working mindset makes it an ideal city for innovative minds. Several opportunities in the travel and tourism industry are coming up for individuals who would like to work as an entrepreneur from the comfort of their homes. Apart from the IT, Travel and Financial sector, another budding sector for business is the wedding industry. With multiple wedding expos like Myshadi Bridal Expo, Annual LGBTQ Wedding Expo, and Lafayette Village Wedding Walk Expo, the investment in weddings as a venture seems to be a promising business in Raleigh. With reference to diversity and inclusion in the Raleigh startup scene, there seems to be a positive impact on adults with autism and/or intellectual developmental disabilities through customized self-employment, starting their own small businesses, or micro-enterprises as an alternative to traditional employment. 

Raleigh Networking Events 

Free North Hills Networking Rockstar Connect Event at City Club and Elite Connections Networking Event at Mia Francesca are among popular Raleigh networking events. There are also opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, share challenges, get guidance, and expand their network through several entrepreneurial meetups such as New and aspiring Entrepreneurs Meetaway, Startup Bootstrapping Meetaway and Small Business Workshop. Women in Business Showcase: Entrepreneu(HER) in the City, creates a premier forum for women in business, creative minds, industry leaders, change-makers and any leader to gain insight into new opportunities and ideas, network and share expertise.  It is a jam-packed day with Interactive Educational Workshops, Networking and meeting women-owned business vendors. Another networking event is the STRONG Summit, an annual conference in Raleigh presented by the Triangle Community Foundation, that brings together non-profit professionals from across the region for a full day of networking and professional development.

Places For Business Meeting & Conferences In Raleigh

Learn how to grow your business or find the top business events in Raleigh that help you build your own startup.
List of business venues in Raleigh for business meetings, conferences and networking events.

  • Carolina Ale House
  • Bar Louie
  • Korner Pocket Sports Bar and Grille
  • Yard House
  • 630 Beacon Lake Dr
  • The Architect Bar & Social House
  • Growler USA
  • Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown
  • Taylor's Wine Shop
  • Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
  • HQ Raleigh
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  • Regus Business Center
  • Learning Express - Raleigh "North Hills"
  • Shaw University
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