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Pune's 1st Sexuality Asexuality fest

Pune's 1st Sexuality Asexuality fest

*Entry by registration only! Discounted seats available till 5 Dec* 

After London, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Indian Aces are coming down to Pune to organize our very first a/Sexuality 101 festival at the city! 

> Sexuality 101: Educational workshop to understand a new model of Sexuality via Asexuality. Certificates provided on request.

Sunday, December 9, 11 am - 5 pm

> PLatonicity: Speed dating for non-sexual relationships, regardless of reasons and orientations

Saturday, December 8, 5.30 - 8.30 pm

> Focused group discussion + group counseling sessions: For deeper peer-peer, facilitated personal discussions

Friday, December 7, 6- 8.30 pm

> One-on-one counseling sessions

On prior appointment, 2 hour session, any time suitable to you, between December 4-10.

You can register for one or more of the events through the registration form ( https://goo.gl/forms/iiD1UfhyIerBHMOG3). Refreshments included in all tickets. Flat 50% discount on expected contribution for students who complete online registration as well as all other registrations completed by 5 December. If you're unable to contribute, please still register and mention the reason for the same in the last segment for comments. Details below:


About the trainer/facilitator for all events: 

Dr. Singh is a medical doctor and has worked extensively in the public health fields of maternal, child, adolescent, and reproductive health. In her personal time, she founded Indian Aces, the Indian Asexual collective, in 2014 and has been working pro-bono since.

She is a fellow with the CSEPI- Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International and an ambassador with the ASHA- American Sexual Health Association.

Her work has been recognized by the Swedish Government, for which she was awarded an invitation to the scholarship Young Leader program in Stockholm and Sri Lanka. She was also recognized as a Youth Leader and invited to the Mingle Summit held in Bangalore, India.

Her research work on Sexuality and Asexuality has been invited to be presented and published at multiples international conferences globally, including

- the World Association of Sexual Health in Prague, Czech Republic, where her study was selected for poster as well as oral presentation, and published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine by Elsevier.

- World Congress on Mental Health in Delhi, where it won the award for Best Oral Paper received from Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi.

- Queer Asia conference, University of London, UK, where her research poster invited much attention.

Her ingenious a/Sexuality 101 workshop has been conducted independently as well as invited to multiple international conferences globally, such as

- World Congress on Mental Health in Delhi, where it was received very well by the audience comprised largely of psychologists and psychiatrists.

- University of London to be conducted at their Queer Asia conference.

- Her passion has made her conduct the workshop independently across multiple cities in India totalling ~10 times since 2017.

She was awarded a full scholarship to the National Sex Education conference in Atlanta, USA and has won many other awards and prizes for her work from names such as Women's Web, Population First, UNFPA and ColorsTV.


About the Sexuality 101 workshop:

Agenda: For a conceptual understanding of sexual

diversity and the nuances of LGBTQIA+ through a novel model, utilizing a breakthrough conceptual understanding of Asexuality.

The workshop serves as an excellent tool to understand Sexuality as a complex amalgamation of human traits as against the uni-dimensional model often portrayed. Are you ready to have all your notions of Sexuality broken down and built up afresh from scratch? Get ready for a day of unlearning and relearning.

a/Sexuality 101 workshop has been conducted in Delhi 4 times, Bangalore 2 times, Mumbai 2 times, University of London 1 time, and now we're bringing it to Pune for the first and the only time! It is open to public, and suitable for anyone (over 16)

Ideal for: 

-Curious people in general who like to learn new things

-People interested in the subject of sexuality/ psychology/ people

-LGBTQIA+ or gender/sexuality activists and leaders

-LGBTQIA+ community members, who'd like to understand their sexuality better 

-Psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals/activists

-Academicians studying this space of gender/sex/sexuality

-Those working with sexuality/sexual health space

-Those working with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma

-Gender activists, feminists

-Doctors, health professionals, or those in allied fields

-Those struggling to understand their own or a loved one's sexuality/sexual orientation

-Asexual folk trying to understand themselves better

What to expect at the full-day workshop:

1. The full-day educational workshop starts with an introduction to a unique and exclusive 8-component model of sexuality developed by Dr. Pragati Singh. It challenges and breaks down participant’s current notions on sexuality and rebuilds them from scratch.

2. Rigorous discussions, debates, open Q&A, a number of games and activities are employed to fine-tune concepts and challenge the participants.

3. Group activities/ team games provide an opportunity to the participants to network.

4. A variety of case studies are utilized to ensure participants understand how the theory applies to real-life complexities.

5. A couple of exclusive exercises and polls are then utilized to bunk myths around A/Sexuality and clear the most common misconceptions.

6. A few video and audio clips of interviews with asexual folk are shown to help make things real.

7. A pre- and post- test is also employed for the participant’s own understanding of their learnings at the workshop.


About the Counseling session (Individual or focused-group): 

This counseling session will be beneficial for those trying to work out aspects of their own sexuality better and struggling with terms and concepts and nuances at an individual level. If you've been struggling with figuring out your orientation, your sexuality or your asexuality, or have you been wondering how to navigate through all the terms and labels out there and how exactly to identify yourself.. If you find it challenging to articulate and express your individual sexuality to others, this is for you!

Best attended in conjunction with the workshop.

This session is centered around one-on-one deep and personal discussions between the participants and the facilitator, Dr. Pragati Singh. 

What to expect at the counseling session:

1. Open discussions and sharing of personal experiences (privately or within a closed group of people), facilitated by Dr. Pragati.

2. An attempt to help you figure out aspects of your sexuality, including, but not limited to orientation.

3. A safe space for you to tell your story (and listen to others who're in the same boat, in case of group), with space for discussion and dialogue.

4. Personalized attention and consultation throughout the session to each participant. 

5. Exclusive exercises to help channelize, visualize and put down in a concrete manner aspects of your own unique sexuality.

(Please note this is not a therapy session)

The focussed group counseling session has been conducted in Delhi and Bangalore 1 time each.


About Platonicity: Speed-dating for non-sexual relationships.

Are you (or anyone you know) looking for a non-sexual or non-romantic or platonic relationship with a member of the opposite gender, for any reason? Join us for India's VERY FIRST match-making/speed-dating event series for non-sexual relationships! 

You may be asexual, or someone seeking a non-sexual relationship for other reasons, a gay man seeking a lesbian woman for MOC (Marriage Of Convenience), someone not ready for a sexual relationship at this point, someone who doesn't understand romance or something entirely different. Whatever your reason, this event is for you if:

1. You're looking for someone from the opposite gender AND

2. You want a non-sexual, or less-sexual, or non-romantic, or less-romantic relationship with them.

Whether you're looking for a short/long term relationship, monogamous marriage or an open relationship, with or without any expectations of romance and/or different degrees of physical intimacy, you will find this an apt and THE ONLY event to meet suitable partners in an otherwise hyper-sexualized world.

We will be selecting up to 5 members from each side. All the parties will be introduced to each of the participants from the opposite party. Each participant will be able to mark their interest in the opposite person privately. Indian Aces will then share the interest from whoever marked them and participants can then decide if they wish to share their details with them or not.Please note that only the information you choose to have shared will be shared at all steps. The control will always lie with you.

We are NOT promising a match, at all. We are attempting to provide such a platform for the very first time in India, and possibly world (?) We want you to have a choice in how you lead your personal relationships and be able to find a partner of your liking in a world where all relationships are unfortunately expected to be sexual or romantic by default. 

This event has been conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, once each.


Even if you can't join us for the festival this time, please do fill the form. You will be included in our mailing list for future updates. SW5kaWFuQWNlc0ZUVyB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

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