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MAHARASTRA  AUTO SHOW 2024  | Event in Pune | About the event MAHARASTRA AUTO SHOW 2024

Overview of the Auto Show

The Maharashtra Auto Show 2024 will be a grand celebration of the automotive industry bringing together automobile manufacturers automotive industry leaders dealers suppliers enthusiasts and the public. 

The event aims to showcase the latest advancements in the automotive sector create awareness about environmentally friendly vehicles and provide an opportunity for companies to launch and promote their new products. 

Our focus is to make the event inclusive offering something for everyone from automobile enthusiasts to families looking for a fun day out.

Key Highlights of the Auto Show:

1.       Diverse Vehicle Display: The Auto Show will feature an impressive collection of vehicles ranging from bicycles bikes cars heavy vehicles to earth movers. We will curate displays from leading manufacturers as well as vintage and customized vehicle enthusiasts making it an all-encompassing showcase.

2.       Product Launches and Demonstrations: The event will provide an ideal platform for automotive companies to launch and demonstrate their latest models and innovative products. This will offer attendees a firsthand experience of cutting-edge automotive technology.

3.       Test Drives and Ride-a long’s: To engage the audience actively we plan to organize test drives and ride-a long’s for various vehicles allowing attendees to experience the thrill of driving or riding in their favorite automobiles.

4.       Interactive Zones: We will set up interactive zones for visitors to experience virtual reality driving simulations automobile-related games and educational displays about eco-friendly vehicles and sustainable transportation.

5.       Entertainment and Food: The event will feature entertainment programs live music and a variety of food stalls to ensure an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Benefits to Pune City:

The Mahar astra Auto Show 2024 is not only intended to be an exciting event for the public but also aims to contribute positively to the city's economy and reputation. 

Here are some benefits we anticipate:

·       Boost in Tourism: The Auto Show will attract visitors from neighboring cities and states promoting Pune as a vibrant destination to visit.

·       Business Opportunities: Local businesses hotels restaurants and vendors will experience increased economic activity during the event.

·       Brand Exposure: Pune will gain nationwide recognition as a hub for automotive events and exhibitions.

Collaboration and Support: 

We AV Creation are well-equipped to handle all aspects of event planning and execution. However we also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the Pune City Administration and relevant departments to ensure a successful and seamless event. 

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Mahalakshmi Lawns, NAGAR ROAD KHARADI,, Pune, India

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