Fado na Baixa

Fado na Baixa

20 Jul, 2024

Fado na Baixa

Time Sat Jul 20 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Fado na Baixa, R. de São João 99, 4050-553 Porto, Portugal, Porto

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Live every day four artists male and female Fado singers and top musicians open their hearts and invite you to get intimate with our Fado in all its unique and different expressions:

  • Traditional Fado
  • Portuguese Guitar (Lisbon & Coimbra techniques)
  • Fado from Coimbra
  • Amalia Rodrigues
  • Fado today


Fado is the most eloquent and transparent expression of the Portuguese soul.

While tasting our friend Pedro's family owned Tawny Port our musicians will introduce you live to the two traditional Portuguese Guitar techniques.

You will listen live to male and female Fado singers who will sing some of the most traditional songs of the intense Lisbon Fado as well as introduce you to the exquisite and touching Coimbra Fado genre so special to the Portuguese people sung by a university student or former student as demanded by tradition.

You will learn in your language (PT ENG FR ES) something that is very difficult to explain but easy to understand through our candid short testimonies on video from our fado singers guitar professors and others: why is our Fado so personal and intimate for the Portuguese…

At Fado na Baixa we are a group of musicians and Fado singers with a continual mission: taking Portuguese traditional Fado to the public with the most up to standard technical and artistic requirements. We make it in our small licenced speciality auditorium where we aim to provide a truly premium while truthful and traditional Fado experience not to be missed while in Porto.

More information

  • Arrive early to informally get together with musicians and Fado singers as they arrive at the venue.
  • Audio Guides are provided for the short video content translation (PT ENG FR ES)

Refund Policy

Cancellations made less than 24 hours days before the event are non-refundable. To initiate a refund, contact our customer support team.


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Date & Time

Sat Jul 20 2024 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Fado na Baixa, R. de São João 99, 4050-553 Porto, Portugal, Porto

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